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Thx for the reply

I actually don't want to do a different theme since I already have my game started.

but its good to know there is an alternative, just in case thx

I just wanted to get other people's thoughts/perspectives on this since my game (and I'm sure everyone else's) is going to be borrowing subject matter from copyrighted material. I know this kind of stuff can get complicated but I think as long as the games aren't being sold, if they borrow some of the characters directly, then it's more or less okay. Also, just wondering if the "mashup" would technically be considered a parody of the original work, therefore giving you the fair-use excuse? Sorry if I sound like an idiot for asking, I'm really excited about this jam and my game, I just want to see if anyone else is more familiar with this matter and could shed a little light on the subject. Thanks in advance!

lol gaming the system

well gotta say at least your honest ++respect