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so im guessing when you download it, it gives an extractor. what you want to do is run that extractor and a new window will appear so just press ”extract”. after that a new folder should appear. and in that folder is your goose friend.

(hope this helps)

if our question is still valid, then open the config file and choose type the hexcode of the color you wish your little goose to be.

Run the extractor and then... you know what? just watch this video:

C# i think. i dont know tho, people on discord are talking about it and C# seems like its the answer. for all i know this could just be magic

Watch this video it should help you with installing the goose:

you are welcome

you didnt have to download it 3 times. you can run the goose desktop exe multiple times

This video should help you:

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it should be the same.

why do you need 0.2? im not the creator, i know that. im not trying to act like sam, but why do you need an older version?

you can use mods to name the goose

go here for mods:

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 you double click on the ”GooseDesktop.exe” file and if there is a goose on your screen it works. if you dont know what im talking about go here:

Try 5. i did it once. I REGRET NOTHING

Watch this if you want to install it: 

there are 3 ways to delete the goose.

1.hold esc

2. use task manager

3 use the ”closegoose” file

frist off, learn how to spell. secondly, broken? what type of broken? nobody will now unless you post of pic of the problem. then the creator can probably fix it.

whats the problem?

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go to this video if you want to install it

Not a virus.

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i cant see anything either. try editing the comment or just make a new one with the picture of the bug.

Im  having an error. 

You are welcome

it is not avaible for Linux. you can try using wine or another program but the goose is not really made to be used on linux. as for ubuntu... Probabbly not.

OOOFFF! well... sorry to hear that.

Do you still have this problem? if you do, then what do you use? windows, mac, linux, chromebook? it only work on windows and mac so far.

Is your question still valid? if so reading the ”READ ME” file might help

Toxic much? the guy used an emoji. 1 emoji. why noob? you sound like a 7 y/o.

Watch this video:

if you have any questions i can try and help. (I dont have coding experience tho)

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You cant really interact with him. best thing you can do without mods is to click on him.

if you want mods go here:

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youre not the only one.

uh... okay.... uhm.... sorry to hear that..

Get mods here:

I think there is a mute goose option in the config file.

Its free. when you press download press ”No thanks, take me to the downloads” and download it from there.

you can search on google the color you want the hex code for.

example: search on google:  ”(COLOR NAME HERE) hex code”

replace ”color namehere” with the color you want.

if you dont really understand then tell me and ill try to rephrase

Is your question still valid? if so then go to this video:

Hold ”esc ” or find it in task manager.

It works.

trust me. it covered my screen in memes multiple times

There is one on phone. but its only for iphone. if you have iphone then watch this video:

Hope this helps