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Thank you!!!! Do you have any suggestions for improvement or any suggestions overall?

I'd like to help with translating to Afrikaans.

But it's not on the list at the moment, can you add it please?

Thanks i appreciate it

I really loved the art style and it adds to the overall enjoyment of the game

As for the unique twist on the tinder style mechanic it's quite good and definitely something new and fresh

The music elevates everything to a whole new level

Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a murder mystery type game 


Hi, i was wondering if it be fine with you if i made some jumping animations for this sprite in order to use them in my non-commercial game?

Ooooh interesting I'm very excited to see where you take this game in the future

Can't wait to see all the content your planning!!!

Living up to it's name this game is frankly impossible to beat and the fact that each time i would press the up arrow the page would scroll up definitely didn't help either 

The music played a big part in me trying to beat this game as it definitely game me some dang good motivating vibes

And as for it'd good art nothing more could be said except how good it is

7/10 Good game especially if you can't afford Dark Souls since this game is quite hard

it definitely lives up to it's name and so it doesn't undermine my Expectations as most new games do and just for that i'll add a point to it's overall score

As for the Gameplay i simply say as they  would say simple and basic is king. It's theme of sitting on the toilet definitely helps to elevate what already is an average game towards above average.

Being a  rhythm game i  definitely expected some dang good music and i'm happy to say i wasn't dissapointed 

All this  game needs to futher elevate it's already good design is a mobile port

8/10 Good Game especially to keep yourself busy while sitting on the loo/toilet

It definitely has the most interesting game title i have ever read and that definitely works in it's favour.

The humour is quite on point as is the Gameplay. The good pixel art just elevates it to a whole new level of fun. 

The only flaw in my eye would be the emptyness of arrow's pointing you in the direction of the programmers and such forth

But overall it's quite a fun game and helps take your mind of life and such things. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a silly fun game

11/10 Overall Quite Good

As said before it's quite short and sweet and it really has some cute art work.

The sounds effects just help to elevate the cuteness and the gameplay. I would really love to see this game have a full release or see more added content 

i really loved it 10/10

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This Game has a really good and fun concept!!!

The level design is aslo quite good!!

It has potential to be something great if your looking for a interesting and fun platformer to pass the time. I would definitley recommend this game!!!!!!

My only issue with it is that it's quite short i would love to see more levels added.

But it's still a great game would definitely recommend it 10/10

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Thank you so much for playing and taking  time to give it feedback. I really appreciate it

Quite fun and addicting perfect for a mobile game. The art style and music works quite good together would definitely recommend this game if youre looking for a fun entertaining time-killer on mobile. 

Really fun game. I love the style and the music and sound effect just  ups the awesomeness. I aslo  love the fact that you can bounce bullets off of objects it adds a bit of a learning curve but not one that will take you ages to master. If youre looking for a game to play on youre own or even with a friend to kill some time i definitely recommend this game 

Awesome game!!!! I really like the concept i mean it's about bread who doesn't like bread!!! Only thing i would suggest is make the game screen a bit bigger on Android since it's so small it doesn't always recognize when i touch the screen but otherwise great game If youre looking for a quick time burner i definitely recommend this game


Hey, I used them in my first game and they work pretty great thanks a lot.

Hi! I used some of youre keys for my first game and they are really good. I just finished a few days ago. Thanks for this! Check out A Rage (Kind of) Game here: