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I really like this funny game :D

Thank you for your feedback :D

Normally you should hear the sound... We will work our way through some bugs and try to fix them soon :)

Very funny and nice game :D I like it!

Very nice idea and I like the story :)

Totally right. The music fits the game pretty well I think :D

Thank you for your feedback :)

Probably we will add an option to enable something like checkpoints in the future.

Thank you for the positive feedback :D

The idea of the checkpoints will be discussed in the team soon.

Thanks for your feedback :)

The controls will be explained in the game soon. Maybe we will also add an option to start from the beginning of the level, in which you "died."

Thanks for the feedback :)

I will add some instructions to the game to make it easier to understand the controls soon.

Thank you for your feedback :)

Thanks :D

I know the game is a little bit buggy at the moment, but we will fix this :)

Hi guys!

Check this little jump'n run, indie, adventure game out:

Hope you like it :)

Hey jermrellum. Thanks for your feedback! We thought the idea of restarting the whole game instead of just the level would fit the jam's motto pretty well, because then you have actually just one try to complete the game.