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Thanks for playing! I'm very curious about how long it took you. (Keep the solution a secret!)

I have been waiting for this day. You might be the first one ever to have found it!

Replied to RadiCarl in Urbex comments

Very entertaining video! Thanks.

"I only wish there was more variety and a longer length to go with the atmosphere that I feel you're good at achieving."

Yeah, that was the intent of Urbex. I was actually in the process of remaking this game, but I felt that a different setting was the way to go. Thanks for the vid!

Thank you for the nice comments!

I may consider an expansion, seeing as how people are asking about it, but I do have other projects in mind that I've been wanting to work on. Thanks for the nice words and video!

Replied to Mister in Urbex comments

This was a one time project. There are other things I'd like to pursue. But thanks for the feedback and your interest!

Glad you're enjoying it!

Replied to Kawber in Urbex comments

Thanks for the video! I will be patching the project based on feedback I've been receiving, but an expansion is not in the cards at the moment.

Excellent commentary. Thanks for the nice words!

Good video!

Replied to Kevx in Urbex comments

Thank You


Thanks for the playthrough!

Thanks for playing!