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I'm not a skull for now; before I  dead please contact me: P.F.U.1687@gmail.com

The good and the bad

A good Christmas with my family

Near Genova there is a Mountain (Beigua) on can view Spotorno island; i like this place and i drawn it after i came from it in my home.

Taken from the well-known "Operation Wolf" video game, I thought of setting my project in the mountains, in the woods, in the desert, in the city and in other places, imagining that I was a hunter who wanted to take home the most birds dead. At this point I would have some problems, because at that moment, there would be envious rivals who want to kill me with the excuse that they were wrong, they wanted to pull a bird. Then I would have a limited amount of ammunition and time available that runs out.
To make the game more fun, there are some crazy writing that, if hit, explode, bringing to Hell all the enemies and rivals that are close to them.
The game has two graphic resolution 320x200 and 640x480; in HIRES there are twho mirrors and more graphic effects.
The game has simply music and interesting sounds; it has parallax side-scrolling also.
Why not buy it ? See:

Bacci-and-the-Ducklings v.1.0

It has cost us a lot of fatigue, sweat and blood (poisoned by cigarette breaks and many hours of work), but apart that the blood flowing also in this video-game, the work is almost over (at least to 1 week and a half). The story is that of the wretched hunter, Bacci, that fleey from home because of a bet with friends and who will have to avoid the envious rivals, without that they see him as a duckling and they shoot him, bringing home the greatest number of dead birds, without running out of ammunition and without go late for dinner with his wife that preparing an excellent stew.

History may seem trivial, but Bacci is well-equipped: he has a rifle, a miter, a bulletproof vest and a radar equipment, plus a lot of ammunition to shoot at everything that moves, including many objects that can explode, including with a chain explosion.

The game features are: smooth-scrolling, parallax, shadows, mirrors, sprites and sounds.

Thanks for the encouragement, dear Leafo, but could you download and run: Bacci & the Ducklings (DEMO), to see if it is really like you say? You only need a few minutes and I would be very grateful to you ...

Thank you. But it seems much complex to do, otherwise, I have to read all Microsoft pages without becoming crazy.

Is there a quick alternative solution ?

Is it common that Windows Defender program on our computer warns us with the message "unknown author" before installing a program from itch.io? And, if not, how do you prevent by our application from generating this event?

Do not be fooled by appearances. If you are watching a game and the corresponding archive file is very small, eg. 1MB, it is not always said that the game you could download is short, or with poor graphics.

For example, I developed a video-game, BounceB-Revenge, which occupies just 1 MB but is very complex and long by finish, and with good graphics.
In defining the levels I used a mapping technique similar to that used by JPeg file compressors, which allows you to define rectangular, stackable, and renderable pieces in real time.

I've seen this game and I like it. I had not imagined a ball bouncing like this; even though my game is not a sequel, someone might see another theme interpretation: BounceB-Revenge.

I've subscribed your bundle cooperation link. We will see tomorrow at 16:00 o' clock ours result! Good luck!

Yes, it's fine for me.

I know it's an old story ... But it's in better shape! She maybe a bit changed, but someone may would help her to explore everywhere, sometimes even save her skin! What does it mean ? It is simple, by the notorious "Nokia's-Bounce"'s style's bouncing's ball game is born a new concept in the new BounceB & new advenctures Revenge video game! It's true from what you can see you might be doubtful ... But trying it is not so costly, will not disappoint you!

BounceB & new advenctures Revenge

Good luck and good fun!


Good work at all and good fun (at least a bit, you aren't doing as A. G. Stachanov)!

I'm a fan of software development since 1987, I'm programming in Assembler Protected Mode and Delphi, but I know the C also. I like to draw and I've made some both video games and tools. Unfortunately most of my software is a bit "dated" and can not be marketed for now, it was developed for 16/20 Bits' platforms, though it contains so many unpublished ideas.
The video-game I've released this year on Itch.IO is an exception: "BounceB Revenge"; are exceptions also all the tools like "NewPatch", "DBMovie", "DlpLGrfT" and "DlpLGKBT", in fact all my Itch.IO's software is valid to be runned on all Windows systems between the 2000 and the 10.
I always thought, "Who works by himself, he works 3 times more" and I am very busy defining my software from the lowest level, including graphics and sounds.

Levels bottom are already ready. I have to deal with the soundtracks and management of game mechanics, as well as some menus: it may be before, but I expect it will take at least one or two months.

I can definitely put together, with your games, my "BounceB" video game and my "DBMovie" and "NewPatch" tools, for now. When the development of "Bacci & the Ducklings" will be completed, I can also put that.

Yes you are right when I wrote the post I was thinking about something else so I did not understand what you were asking for. I have seen that you are a software team already launched and there is no age. I thought I would launch my video game at $ 7.99, I do not know what you are asking for; I thought, as an initial hypothesis, that I could give you 25-30%, if it does.

I apologize to you, if I was a bit too explicit in defining my video game, even I like the cats a lot, I had 3: Nerina, Priscilla and Tito. I'm not against pets. Unfortunately, I like steaks and any other kind of similar food ... The game I am developing, however, will have some kind of ethics, although it will not be suitable for people under 15 years of age.
With regard to your proposal of collaboration, I can only say that:
- I could develop the software you need, provided that I use the development systems I know.
- I do not have time to deal with graphic design or music as a musician.
- Any agreement should be made by providing personal information that can not be disclosed (Privacy Act), so it would take a secure channel, such as email.
- I do not know how old you are, but you seem, perhaps, a bit too young to collaborate, without offense, but I'm a lot older; This does not mean it is better, though.

In fact, it is logical that you do not understand the purpose of the game, since it is just a tiny tasting of the game, a kind of "spot". The development of the complete game will take months ... However, the aim will be to turn the birds into meat to cook, since Bacci is a hunter, without being reduced in this way by his hunters rival.

(Edited 1 time)

It made me smile, funny, but In fact, from what I've seen, maybe because it depends on me, I do not understand the purpose of the game. The graphics are very nice. Maybe adding more cadres would become even more interesting. Cmq cats are my favorite pets ...

itch.io community » General · Created a new topic Why fantasy?

In my opinion fantasy is born out of tastes for things that like in childhood, when you experience the game and the reflection consistently; However, to be able to innovate today is not easy, everyone's fancy is just a bag but not always enough to create new things.

I am mostly a self-taught programmer, I like to draw free and love rock, in almost all its forms.

I think my little virtual world will please not only children, and I
always try to draw attention to what I did, since it has cost me a lot
of time and sacrifice, but also a bit of solitude.