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Very nice touch controls.

Did you used some game engine?

Nice job

Loved the camera

Excelent playing in a 21:9 monitor

Nice game.

It's a bit creepy looking to those faces    :-)

This game shows why indie is so nice.

Simple, cute and Epic.

I killed a passenger. S o r r y     :-)

A mecânica de alternar para o modo transparente para atacar os fantasmas é bem legal. Música de fundo bem agradável.

Thanks. I already studing about enemies health. I will keep working on this game as I learn more about Unity.

Thanks. I will keep working on this game as soon as I learn a little more about Unity.

Very fun and instructive game.

Very nice skill based game. I will keep trying to raise my score

Very interesting. Liked the slow motion mechanic

Awesome idea. I will keep trying

Nice and simple

Very nice relaxing song

I think I didn't undertand the game...

Weird game. Like it

I like the game. Miss the sound a little bit.

Nice game. I like the way we can place the kitties around and try to save all of them

I was missing a nice platformer and you totally delivered it. Really nice. Loved the music.

Love it

Interesting stealth mechanic. I would love to play a game based on it.

Nice survivor game

Nice game. I will keep trying to raise my score.

Very nice mechanics. Very original.

I think that this game is the best one I tested in this jam. Really fun. If you intend to publish for other platforms, like mobile, I think it will make huge sucess.


That's awesome.

I was just making my game as part of a Unity course. But the Jam made me focus to create something better and better.

Great Idea.


I'm making my first game, a twin stick shooter called "A Weird Legacy of War".

To play it, just go to the game page using your PC browser.

There is just a few text info in the game. For this moment, it's interface is in portuguese, my native language, but I will translate it to english very soon.

Game in Development using Unity.

After the war, George was back home, hoping to find his friends and family, but just a bizarre death was waiting for him.

This is an Isometric shooter, and you play as George, defeting the monsters and trying to find some place safe.

Knowing issues:

-Restart after death is buggy;

-In version, the crosshair is missing.

-HUD dimesions;