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Tanner Texas deserves all my mags.

Memes and drugs mixed together.

Like... m9 is a g19 at the same time.

Just like in the original doom games.

use your head.

and information lying around.


ok then.

this can't be good for me , but i feel great
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idk i don't got much to say.


there are illegal people here, so uh... keep your eyes open.

Only the fish know.

cute female.

Also, this sentence is directed to people that havent played the game yet.

the game turns into true survival horror when you reach your goal.

similar to fobs , and if i remember correctly, Succubus Affection.

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Reminds me of Zell23 and the FOBS made by him.

Artstyle and some of the stuff being similar.

Is nice

yeah, i also thought it was unfinished stuff and that me brute forcing through the clock puzzle broke it. didnt expect that however.

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good to see the protagonist clarifying that he is indeed Legal Age, despite his small size. 
Clarifies it in a good way by adding it in as dialogue.

and ofcourse, the characters still are noice.

thats a bit rough

the protagonist isnt really able to put up a fight anyway, and like most people, doesnt wanna cause problems that might end up costing em.

The worst that can hit you at all in steam is either a VAC ban (anti cheating system possibly shutting down account) or a copyright claim.

im pretty sure this kind of stuff can work there, and if not, well,  one game named "succubus affection" had a nsfw patch outside of steam because the steam version was censored.

So,  unless copy right claims or VAC does something, if the game gets through steam greenlight, it can be released.

Well, we just might have to see if Valve pulls a Valve Move.

well, for a man of his size, its big enough.

can agree with that.

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keep the cute pacifistic slime girlfriend safe at all costs

The small protagonist is mostly reasonable most of the times,  not only being "kill kill" but still being intelligent enough to still consider that along with peaceful options, and also reflection on things that happened, so, that helps keep the character decent.

Other than that, the visual novel was pretty wholesome, some stuff that wasnt nsfw was pretty nice, and the writing of the characters... works.

huh, so a part of the game is behind a hidden rectangle

keep precious people safe at all costs

damn, i wonder how progress is going.

i dont really know how a visual novel sequel works, but can be done.

So do i have the issue.

the good ending is very wholesome.


the protagonist can be the antagonist, so thats a good twist.

this, really fits well into the full story of Gemini.


Yeah, good game with decent plot.

Two problems however.

1 the endings come from only one choice, everything after that changes nothing.

2 lack of An ending involving nobody dying.


aida is definitely ada from fallout 4.

other than that, this is quite a nice game.

this was made based of a concept meme.

Never seen a this well written nsfw game before


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The visuals and the feel of the game are simply great.

One of the things i love about Hardcoded is that the player has choice,you dont have to engage in sex every five minutes and you dont have to be a complete virgin. And the dreams manage to show the thoughts of the player's character in a pretty damn good way.

Basically,this game is a must for anyone that isnt there for only the erotic stuff.

And if i have to mention my favourite character in the demo,its the pet drone i randomly decided to name Beeb!