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Here I counted the errors that the game left you!

Here you can write me your suggestions regarding the Constructor Survival

Thank you! for me modeling has become a passion and today I want to take it to another level and be able to share it with many people . The idea is to add a table of creations so that the seller of the store (you) can assemble the kits and display them in your store increasing the number of customers, earning more money and rising in popularity.

Hello Friend, I'm working on that

Instructions for English





Keywords for moving

Forward - [W]
backward [S]
right [D]
left [A]


To repair the computer you must approach the work table, hold down the [R] key to repair the PC.
If you want to turn the radio on, you should be next to it and press the [E]

After completing the repair of all the computers, press the [P] key to enable the workstations (slots

Earn money and manage to keep your business!

* Eureka Inking

"This shit" is Argentine, its native language is Spanish. Instead of complaining you could help your translation.

Atte. Eureka Inking

Try to download and unzip with WinRAR

In the next version [Alpha 0.0.3 this problem and more serán fixed]

Atte,Staff EureKa

The next step ...

Click Image

Hi Nicolas, in the next version you can change to englesh.

Staff EureKa

Hi, thanks for downloading the game and reporting that bug. In the next few days I will be publishing a new version with more changes where I will try to solve this bug. Atte. Staff Eureka

Algunos cambios y modificaiones

  • [Nuevo] Nuevo HUD - (Canvas).
  • [Nuevo] Valores de daños aleatorios agregados.
  • [Nuevo] Sistema de experincia (Influye en la velocidad de trabajo y el monto a cobrar por las reparaciones).
  • [Nuevo] inventario implementado (Por el momento no es de utilidad).
  • [Nuevo] Nuevo modelo 3D para el Nivel 1 - Básico (Reparación de Equipos (Software)).
  • [Nuevo] Sonido al finalizar el trabajo de repación.
  • [Nuevo] Panel de Datos en cada PC
  • [Fix] Colliders en el entorno
  • [Fix] Movimiento en el ventilador.

Les dejo el enlace para que puedan descargarlo desde [ ]

* Tus dudas, inquietudes y sugerencias son bienvenidas. Gracias por visitar mi proyecto.