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Never said I didn't finish the game haha, just that last level took me some extra effort next to the rest. 

This is satisfying

This game is such a delight and the kind of thing I'd love to make. Just cute, simple but charming. 

And I laughed at the sword dude.

There's so much drama happening in such a short scene. Will there be a pacifist option? haha. Mostly joking, it was really nice, short and sweet!

When you lose you really feel the guilt, cute creatures ;3

The moment I saw this gator I knew I had to play, it's very cute. Not too challenging, but I did struggle a bit on the last level. It's very good ;3 and I love the art so much haha

This is so cute! I made it to 60, but that thin path defeated me haha. The theme of the graphics really gives me  Kirby's Dream Course vibes, so it was also a little bit nostalgic.

So calming, and lets me grow a beautiful tree, love it!

I love it, the music really sets the mood. It was pretty challenging, mostly when the gap was bigger than usual, usually couldn't get past those haha. Almost made it to 5k on my best,  guess I have to keep trying ;3

Very eerie even though you're just buying snacks, I like it.

Oh... trust me I considered it  haha.    But I had to get to the end! It was a nice challenge ;3

I got over 1k but didn't last, it gets really crazy after that, might be easier on mobile. My time was just 178 seconds haha. Pretty fun though!

This is really cute and fun, super well done. 

42 minutes and over 500 deaths, needless to say I suck at the game. It's really cool though. Really difficult but doable.

I love this, simple and cute, and the flies  started obliterating my farm by 15, but I made it to 50 ;3

I wish I lived in Sewer Way 42. It's cute btw, can't wait to play a full version ;3