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Nice try. The game is short, but sure is hard ;)

legal que gostou. Playstore é difícil (a engine é limitada, e mesmo que fosse possível é caro e é um game simples pra ter retorno financeiro, ficaria no preju). Mas tenho investido em lançar no steam meus próximos games. Acompanhe meu twitter (estou desenvolvendo 3 games atualmente, um pra megadrive) e confira meu game na steam, está em promoção só essa semana (na postagem fixa do meu twitter tem o link)  ;)

Que estranho, evilplot. Você usa computador com que windows? Você descompactou o arquivo? Você deve descompactar em uma pasta, se não ele não funciona. Depois de descompactar, rodar o "cabinet.exe". Se seu windows for mais recente, do 7 para frente, pode tentar roda no modo de compatibilidade com o windows xp (não seria preciso, mas não custa tentar). Eu testei ele em 3 computadores, dois com o windows 7 e outro com o XP, e funcionou normalmente.

Thanks pixel-boy. There is room for improvements. I'm already fixing Bugs, adding stuff and rebalancing the game,

Thanks for playing Virgil, Jupiter Hadley.

Thanks for your comment, Ourson. I will rebalance the dificult for the pos-jam version (the head should bounce a little backwars when hit a enemy, some enemyes will be slower or have new behaviors).

The 1st version submited is impossible to beat, all because I have forghoten to put the players head (wepon) in final stage. The fixed version only alters this issue. A pos Jam version is planned for a month from now.

Thanks Henrike. Finalization is slow, but will hapen in 2 months I think.

Nice :)

Later tell me your thoughts about Devwill.

Nice gameplay, thanks for you kind words.

Henrike Martxa, my new game is on steam greenlight: Devwill

If aproved it will be sell very cheap ;)

I'm really happy to read your words, thanks! I'm close to finish my next game, the gameplay is more simple compared to Virgil's, but the aesthetics are something like a cross between 80's computer games and German expressionist cinema from de 20's and 30's. I should release it at the end of this month, stay tuned.

Thanks for the feedback, Henrike. I'm gald you enjoyed my game. What you liked most in the game? What should you improve?

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The version uploaded yesterday has a bug that makes it impossible to beat the final boss (my mistake). I just uploaded a fixed version (it only fixes this issue in particular). So you will have to download it again, sorry metalman42. Have fun.


Hope you like it. I will improve the game for a pos-jam version. But next week I have do to other things in life. Tell me your impressions, sugestions, criticism. I did'nt have time do balance de dificult, so the game may be a little hard, hope it is not impossible. Time to go bed (its 2am here in Brazil).

Fixed, thanks for warning me.

Man, just in time. finished the game close to deadline. Managed to do almost everything i have planned.

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what I liked most was the general mood: the tense and dark music that syncs with mobile bars sfx (like the mood of the original space invaders), and as the "mood" element interacts with the gameplay (slow character). Many puzzle games have that cheerful and light tone, but his is a great use of color (Monochrome GB), music, to passes a claustrofobic and oppressive sensation (including there the mysterious ball element that seems to control the situation). I can imagine that everything takes place in a dystopia, or a kind of macabre reallity show (movies like "The cube", and so on).

When the character is slow it bothers me at the same time contributing to the mentioned above. But it bothers a little the gameplay. Perhaps a chance to keep the tense atmosphere, and not and not hinder the gameplay, would be the character appear to respond slower, but in the truth he moves the same amount of pixels as before in the same amount of time. I do not know how you would do, nor if it would do such a difference. Anyway, is awesome that the slow character, and the the increase of tension in music, tells the player that he must be more careful about his moves.

So, it is a simple game, but it has enough gamedesign content. Congratulations.

Thanks! Valeu!

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Very nice, it's awesome how you can do isometric with only 3+1 colors. Congratulations.

Loved the HUD, looks very thin, usefull and armonious with the picture.

This kind of puzzle game is allways addictive. Nice and creative mechanics for the puzzles, congratulations.

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Nice entry, arkanoid is allways fun. Will love play your game too.

As a sugestion, in case you like it, you can add a more advanced light using de background color isede the blocks, or dithering (dithering is allways controversy, it's a matter of taste), like de example:

I wish a good work flow to you.

Thanks, metalman. I liked your arkanoid clone too (old but gold).

About "the kind o hell" it's about de wood cutt art (vey common in the deserts where the game is set). My inspirations was this: the wood cut art, "Divine Comedy", from Dante Alighieri, and a kind of popular literature called "string literature" by the simple people of the hinterland region (deserts) Brazilians. This DIY literature consists of a poetic text, in short verses, and brings images of prints made in woodcut. Some times the folk people sing this verses in improvisation (repente), just like rappers. This culture is older as the Lampião Guy.

I'm glad some people like it, Thanks!

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Progress: Engine running. main character running. All tiles done. Enemy sprites done. Game play and basic level design done.

Still plan to do: Bosses sprites (today), Implement enemyes and bosses (tomorrow), and put everything togheder.

If I have spare time I should make some music, if not, I should make the levels shorther than planned.

The powerups:

1st - Walk, jump, and trow bulls heads (have to pick up every time)

2nd - Walk, double jump, and trow bulls heads (same above)

3nd - walk, jump, and trow boomerang bulls head (the head return automaticaly, and can pass through walls)


Inspired by the history of Brazilian Cangaço (equivalent to the American western). Your character is Virgulino (Virgil), bandit who was known as "Lampião" (Oil Lamp, gas light). Considered a hero by some (some times he actec like a Robin Hood) and villain by others (in some villages they enter and plunder, rape, etc), he died when caught with his gang by the police, all were beheaded. He was a very religious person, devoted to a popular form of christianism. All this happened at the Caatinga (a place similar to the desert of Mexico), between the late 19th and early 20th century. Now he's at some kind of hell (his own), and must search for his final peace.

Inspired by woodcut art (xilogravura in Portuguese)

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Virgil - Progress

Hi, folks.

I'm making a short Metroidvania. The main character attacks just like Decap Attack from Genesis (but the head don't turn back automatically). Stage tiles All done, and main character up and running. More info soon.

I'm using ARGS (Arcade Game Studio Free Engine.

Nice gameplay. you've lost a lot of secret's, what was already expected by the level design for a first contact with the game. Nice to know that the controls can be understood in the course of gameplay, without great tutorials unless the screen "how to play" in the beginning. As for the format that Fraps recorded, it must be some incompatibility between Fraps video modes and the ones of the game. During the game, the F10 key changes video modes (resolutions). It might be better to capture it in window mode (F11). Dowload version 1.0.1, which makes some adjustments (the most important of the " gost jump"). Thanks for the video (and for the gameplay, and feedback).

I'm glad it's working now, there's no need to be sorry. Anyone is always welcome to ask anything. Cheers.

Hum... strange, but let's try:

1) The ".args" file must be in the same directory of the .exe

2) Try deleting the "cabinet.ini" file, it's de configuration file, the executable will create a new one.

3) Try to activate "Direct play" on the windows 10, here is a tutorial:

Let me know if this have solved the error or not. Thanks.

You have to unzip (unpack) the game. The game will not run if it stays ziped. Click the zip file with the right button of the mouse, chose "extract" or "extract to", and unzip the file to a folder. In the folder you can now run Marlow.exe, it will load the the game file (marlow.args).