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Paul O'Callaghan

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itch.io community » Game Development · Created a new topic Grayscale
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So first time doing this dev log. Working on a game called Grayscale as you can tell. 

It's a puzzle-platformer. Your physics interaction is dependant on your colour and the world is also rotatable. I don't see an option to post up screen shots here as far as development so far goes but sure I'll make out my list and keep it up to date as I periodically work on it.


Because of the rotational element there will always be more than one way to solve a level so your initial way of solving the level might not be the fastest route.

To do:

  • UI
  • Music
  • Animations
  • Levels
  • Timer
  • Add Xbox Controller Support

You can follow me on twitter also for updates too i that's your thing  @pauljamesgaming.

There's no real story involved, it is more of should it be okay to make things harder on someone because they don't share a view and only when they finally agree will it be made easier, unless they decide to continue on and not change their opinion powering through. I guess it was very ambiguous because of the level design too (something to work on in future).

For anyone else who may be thinking of joining, the guy seems a little off and got offended after I asked if he really worked on Stick Run from Facebook and not fully believing him. 

I can program not the most amazing but have 2+ years of consistent programming in unity script and easily able to to convert to C# if you need any help with that :) 

Cool, what sort of games are you interested in making?

Assuming you are looking for paid work? Or is it work to join a project? :)