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Looks great and fun, Love the art style :)

Haven't tried it out yet but lookin' to do it when it comes out of beta ;) 

Hello Keniak1G9, You need to have rar installed on ur pc, if not i am sorry i don't know the problem 

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Hello Khajr, I am not the best at coding now and I've tried to fix everything also the enemies but it seems it won't work for me.

It's maybe not worth any Money, but that's not what i am going for, I am going for feedback :)

But when i get better i would try to solve all the problems in this game cause it will stay there forever ^.^

-Best Regards Pattech 

-Everyone this game is about collecting candy :)

Love ur Art style :) It's a really well made game you made with only 48 Hours. When i have learned more about scripting C# I am gonna join LD43 or 44 :)

Thanks :)