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Meet Jumping Jimmy! This little creature loves to travel around the world and jump across everything he discovers. Help him collect all valuable items he needs and protect him from all dangers. 

In this fun game you can find:

  • 8 variuos stages,
  • 81 levels full of platforms, items, traps and monsters,
  • 13 unlockable costumes for Jimmy,
  • 6 kinds of platforms that Jimmy can jump on.

and also...

RIVALRY MODE - challenge your friend and find out which of you will manage to jump faster and higher in your favourite stages!

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Also, my other much more extensive game is now on sale! Check it out here --->

The game is now for free for a limited time!

Na facebookowym wydarzeniu jest taki opis: "Nagrody w konkursie będą przyznawane zespołom w trzech kategoriach tematycznych i dwóch kategoriach wiekowych. Ponadto, jeden z zespołów szkół średnich i jeden z zespołów szkół wyższych będzie mógł[...}"

Wynika z niego, że uczestnicy mogą być studentami, jednak wszędzie indziej mowa jest o osobach tylko ze szkół średnich. Czy jako student nie mogę dołączyć do wydarzenia?

Play as a mythical hero who had to perform twelve seemingly impossible labours. Armed with a bow and a club, you'll have to face amazing and dealdly beasts. The labours are demanding. Sometimes you'll have to use your reflex, logical thinking and in some cases, it can be extremely helpful to know the myth. Each of them can be completed in any order, and as a reward, you will receive one of twelve items to complete your invetory with which the game will be even more interesting!