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you could select the other option, but nothing would happen.
So I wouldn't say you were forced to be OK with it, just that the other choices aren't interesting.
At least that's how I thought about it when designing it...

it works! thanks so much! heard a lot about this one, excited to play it!

ooo ok now i gotta give it another shot!

wahh actually good tho?

i want to play but firefox hates unity web player. download button plz???

lol y e s i b r o k e m y legs

i got 258? is that good? i dont quite understand lol. i think its yatzee but you can reroll as much as you want? A+

omigosh this amazing... i don't think there is a game in the world the looks and feels like this...

this was actually pretty creepy haha. i got to 24 dead but i needed 94 to go :<. the vibes were sick as hell

really love this, it is very frustrating lol


(Number of attempts: 28)


This is an unranked jam and there won't be any winners. but in the Discord we will play each others games and talk and have fun while offering feedback to those who desire it

No there will not be a theme.
Just make bad games and have fun doing it!

yeah i hit this too, it's really confusing... if anyone knows what is support to happen please let me know.

wow this is coming along so fast!!

I finally beat the first level! it's hard haha but fun. I really like the jankness of it and the huge head.
Here's my idea: can you blend the ragdoll with the get up animation somehow? So it kinda morphs from your ragdoll into standing?

looks really interesting! i had a hard time getting into it though because I couldnt figure out the mating rules and totally forgot about the different weapons.

this game is fun!

I find myself waiting for my ship to drift to the right spot a lot though and it gets a lil repetitive, especially if I die by misreading my distance to the wall. 

Looking forward to any updates!

It was fun walking around the path (the map looked pretty) and kinda startling when guys showed up haha. I didn't figure out how to click to shoot til a bit later. It's pretty fast paced! whenever guys spawn right next to me I had a hard time shooting them in time. My best score was 16!

Thanks for the experience!

interesting but I don't know hockey at all so I didn't understand a lot of it..

this game is really fun and has very different gameplay than minit

Are there any plans to include ratings as well? Would be nice to have a Netflix like system eventually as suggested for steam in this article

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Hey guys,

I'm a programmer finishing up my bachelors in computer science and I live in the Central Coast of California. I've been trying to program bad games since the beginning of highschool.

Here's my website It has most of the browser games I've worked on. I'm familiar with javascript with canvas/webgl, C++ with OpenGL (cross platform), and some lua.

Some things I know about in game dev:

  • 2D Spritesheet loading
  • Sound generation (made a synth program to generate fun wav files)
  • Working with different types of noise (i.e. perlin and symplex)
  • Pathfinding (A* mostly)
  • 2D and 3D collisions (last 48h game I developed object oriented bounding box colliding with axis aligned cylinder in 3D)
  • Physics stuff (Did my bachelor's thesis on deformable solid simulation)
  • Networking (Peer to peer connections, as well as peer to server e.g. multiplayer web game using nodejs server. If you try it bring a friend, no one is on usually)
  • Markov chains and basic neural networks (aka weird learning ai)

Can do some shitty pixel art. On my website, checkout Office Party (if it loads for you), Runner (background and character sprite), and Clashers (the most shitty of art).

So far I've only completed 3 game jams, 48h ISR3 with a friend and 2 3h game jams. I really want to work on coming up with ideas that are scaled properly and prioritizing time. I'm also really excited about working with new people especially designers and artists.

I will be free for the entire jam period, so if we team-up I'm ready to put in all 72 hours minus 7-9 hours sleep the first two nights and food breaks.

I can do all the programming or contribute to a project or if you really want I'll do crappy pixel art all day. Let me know if you want to make something cool!

[EDIT: Game I like: Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy, Shadow of the Colossus, Halo 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, F-Zero, Animal Crossing]