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LOVED IT! Keep it up! Thank you for the experience, really hardly a challenge, but thank you!

Starting it out! Very nice so far!

Just started her up! Definitely interesting, love the art style!

My brother gave it a shot!

Thank you!

Thank you for the awesome game! I'd love to take another whack at it!

Definitely did! It's one of the few vr games i've considered good enough to permanently reside on my hard drive! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Thank you!!! I've been wanting to do another episode! I'll let you know when it's out! Thank's for making such an awesome game! Love the clockwork mechanics!

No problem! Please let me know when you make another!

Thank you! Regardless of the difficulty I still enjoyed it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Yay thank you! I've decided to wait until you fully release it to the the full let's play! I can't wait to dig in!

Definitely will! Well done!

Hey it was awesome and a joy to play! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Thank you! I'll definitely check it out again!

Definitely will! Any newsletter or similiar thing I can sign up for so I'll be notified upon it's release?

Thanks I appreaciate it!

I'd like to do another video, any tips for not sucking as much? 

Hey I played your game and thought it was pretty good! I didn't read to press spacebar when i reached the red lid though lol.

Hey your game scared the shit out of me, couldn't get away from the jumpscares lol.

Hey your game scared the shit out of me! Good Job!

I can't believe I'm on my 51st episode of your wonderful game! I gush about how great you guys did at the end. Well done!

lol he finally beat your alpha!

I think I messaged you on unreal discord a while back when you started teasing this and told you how awesome I thought the Idea was! Was a pleasure playing it and will most likely purchase the full version soon!

Great Job!

I played your game and loved it! Good gun mechanics!

Hey I played your game and Loved it! Awesome Job! Gestapos are harder than shit!

Very Interesting! The "looking glass"  worked flawlessly!

Hoping there's more!

Worked great! Lost the ability to play on what I think was hole 4 or 5. Couldn't figure out how to conquer the twist. Good job though!


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Dev what do I do here? lol wheres the cannons hidden!!

Hey DizzDot Played your game!

Hey, DizzDot played your game!!

I played your game! It was awesome good work!

I played your game!!

Played your game and it was scary as shit! good job!

I played and reviewed your game!

Good job especially if its one of your firsts! These games are classic.

Just finished part 23 of my lets play of your game and I absolutely love it! I even had my friend download it and he cant stop playing it. Definitely been a while since I've gotten into a story like this. My voices are cheesy, but its whatever, the point is to have fun!

Keep up the damn good work.

I'm playing your game!

I usually do a complete review at the end. Looking forward to getting into the meat and potatoes. Looks like im in for  a doozy.

I played your game and reviewed it! Keep up the good work!

I played your game!

Any tips on how to progress?

I decided to go back and finish what I started! What do I do with the camera?

Loved the game! Quick and to the point! I also did a video!

Hey guys! Awesome game! I played it and reviewed it!