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You know what, you're right. I shouldn't have been so harsh. I've replaced the comment with [REMOVED].
My bad.

Super cheap and stupid scares, but it got me to jump. I absolutely thought it was just a dumb gag game going into it, until that first hard scare. I didn't realize the voices were actually there until after that.
Good fun and good job!

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Right down the middle of the road.

The plot is incredibly cliched and the dialogue is stilted. The atmosphere is almost non-existant, and most everything is a cheap scare. However, the Ouija board is a pretty neat mechanic, and I like how all of the doors are fully controllable, though that would be better done with the scroll wheel instead of mouse movement. There are some glitches, especially when looking all the way up or down, your camera flips out. There's a dialogue option with the Ouija board that is broken.  The puzzles are either really easy, or absurdly obtuse. Finding the key to Mom's room required look at a gameplay video, and the same goes for finding the cellar.

I'll admit, the closet child definitely put me on edge for a bit, but after that it was rather predictable.

It's worth a quick play, but don't expect much.

The game is incredibly slow, even on a good PC, the visual effects are completely overboard, it feels as if they just clicked all the buttons in Unity because they thought it made their game look "good."

The gameplay doesn't work. I found myself running into invisible walls every minute, with a little message that says "Coming in a future update," as if just adding some basic forest terrains and a fence around the edge of the play field is all that hard. The issue with this is that if you're running away, you'll just run into an invisible wall, with no indication before you hit it since it just looks like normal forest beyond the wall.

Worst of all, as far as I can tell, Slenderman doesn't have any physical presence. The game will randomly play some spooky sound effects, and then pops up the Slenderman screamer, which stays there for an uncomfortable amount of time after the animation finishes, before booting you to the main menu. You don't see Slenderman chasing you, you just randomly die and there is no apparent way to evade him.

All the things that would make this interesting, like the multiplayer that it claims to have in the first paragraph of the description, isn't there yet. As of right now, Slender - New Hope is simply a buggy, poorly designed, worse version of Slender - The Eight Pages.

honestly i wish i did that

So this is a killer game, it's really something that is truly designed around VR as a platform. You were clearly in the right headspace to develop this, and I think more VR devs need to really design with the platform rather than for the platform. This could be a proper system seller, one day. I played it on WMR, and it worked great *except* the lift controls seem to actually only be active while the lift is moving, and disabled when it's stopped, as opposed to the opposite. Which made it incredibly hard to actually get anywhere, because I had to hit the buttons as the lift was moving, which took several minutes for each lift.

You can do horror without jumpscares, it isn't a given. I'm aware it's a horror game, I'm just sensitive to jumpscares. I prefer psychological horror to startle horror.

The description says there are no flashing images, or sudden noises. But it says so in a sarcastic tone, so are there jumpscares?

As long as there is a LGBTQ person and or relationship in the actual game.

Furries are not LGBTQ, unless there is an overlap, this doesn't count.

Sort of a happy coincidence that I decided to keep. I'm glad you liked it!

I think I must've gotten this on a giveaway or something, since I can open it. Editor crashes when I try to delete a page, no manual or demo. Help?

What was this made in?

Great list! My friend is planning to get into dev too, so I'll shoot him this.