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i had a hard time with the platforming, i think it might be a tad too sensitive but other than that i adore it

I love this game so much. It's really hard to find good wlw representation in media (at least stuff that I'd also like to watch, I'm not really into watching television) but indie games and visual/kinetic novels have been a huge solace lately. I cried at the sad parts and i cried at the happy parts but i might just be a crybaby slkjgbslkegb. Thank you for creating such great VNs! <3

!!!! I loved this so much, it's so cute and I had to stare at the wall for a minute every so often because I was lowkey fangirling so much kjsbeglkjsbgek. I'm definitely going to check out your other game and I look forward to see future projects!

I only did one play through of it but I think I'm satisfied with that. I extremely relate to Emily having lived through a similar situation with my parents. I also relate to her coping methods and while i realize its not healthy its really hard to break away from. It's an amazing game and it really impacted me and made me think a lot and maybe one day I'll try to get some different endings. Thank you for this wonderful, heart wrenching experience and I'm going to be looking into if you have other games and if so, I'll definitely look into playing them. 

I'm an asexual lesbian, I've always been super chill about being ace but I never really stopped to think how hard coming to terms with being ace/aro for some people could be. I definitely teared up playing this. I just wanna spread some aro/ace validity, we're perfect just the way we are <3