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The words in the book are arranged in a way to minimize confusion when pointing at them, allowing for dense pages without compromising on legibility. However, when you point at words or letters, you should try to keep your finger still for about half a second. Don't rush - the person you're talking to may have bad internet or high ping, which leads to missed words and forces you to repoint the sentence. It's more preferable to be slow at first until you learn the proper speed.

At the top of the page, there are handy words to manage your sentence. "cancel" and "repeat" can be used as "nevermind", "say again?", "i'll start over" while "general" and "specific" can be used to speak about a topic in a more general sense, like "I mean in general" or about a specific instance, like "that specific thought". "not" can be used to invert any word or verb if it's not available.


Pronouns are not included. It is assumed that you will point at the thing or person to talk about them. Saying "I love you" could be pointing "(point at me) LOVE (point at you)". If pointing is too specific and confuses people, try hovering the hand over the thing and do circular motions, this usually conveys "this thing".

More abstract conversation subjects, such as a hypothetical scenarios or objects, is a bit more difficult to refer to, but as long as you directly reply to the thing being talked about it should be fine. Otherwise, there are words to help describe: "place"/"thing"/"time", "this"/"there", "here"/"there", etc.

Possessives aren't included either, but they can be conveyed by reordering the sentence. Instead of pointing "(me) LOVE (you) CAT" (I love you cat?) try pointing "(you) CAT (me) LOVE" (You cat I love = your cat i love).

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So you've added the book to your avatar and you want to know how to use it without getting people confused! Here's a quick start guide.

The point of the book is for you to, well, talk by pointing at the words themselves to form a sentence. There is a good amount of general purpose words, verbs and adjectives for you to describe common topics - but note that the book is not a 1:1 replacement of the spoken language - it's more of a "shortcut" way of speaking. Many of the words in the book are abstract and can have multiple meanings. So, to really speed up your book talking, practice and learn the contents of each page by using, but also learn to form simpler sentences in your head before pointing.

Basically, don't translate normal speech to book words 1:1 - try to simplify the sentences in your head first before pointing.

Anyways, to bring the book up, first go in to the gesture menu and toggle "Enable book". This attached the book on your hip. To bring the book up, use left fist and right point - as if you're holding the book with your left hand and pointing at a word with the right. The book stays on your left hand until you completely let go and you don't have the Pages menu opened.

Point at the start of the word you want to say. Don't "tap" it, don't "smear" your finger - just calmly point at the first letter. Having a colored fingernail can help legibility. If you need to think about which word to pick next, avoid resting your finger on the page - keep it hovered, or better yet, just point elsewhere (such as the sky) until you know what to point.

There still will be some moments where communication will fail and people will get confused. You will probably also want to speak about new ideas, names and concepts that isn't in the book or maybe just spell something out. For this, a keyboard is supplied on page one. If the book is added to left/right hand, just tilt the hand upwards to clearly show it in full view. To use the keyboard properly, make sure you spell out each word and separate them with space, and don't rush.

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Adding this book to Quest avatars is a bit different but should still be easy!

Similar to the PC install guide, make sure your avatar is fully set up in Unity. Install the downloaded .unityassets package that will add the "Assets/Book" folder. Now, explore your avatar's skeleton and find where you want the book to be held (usually the hand). Right click the wrist/hand > Add empty. Let's call it "BookLeft" for example's sake. Now add the MuteBook prefab as a child to that empty.

Make sure the book looks alright in the hand, scale/rotate/position BookLeft if necessary. The next part is fixing the paths of the animations. Find the Assets/Book/MuteBookScript and add it to your avatar, it will give you a button to fix the animation paths if it finds the book. Just click Fix and it will modify the Assets/Book/Animations/Quest animations to correctly refer to the book prefab you added. VRChat will complain about the script and want to auto remove it, which is okay, you can remove it after fixing the paths.

The next step is similar to PC avatars - in the avatar descriptor, enable the custom FX layer and drag Assets/Book/Controller/BookFX_Quest there. Then enable expressions and drag Assets/Book/Menu (Parameters and Book Menu) to their respective slots.

The VRChat SDK will complain about certain components, so let it disable those if it wants to. The book will still work fine.

That should be it. Enjoy!

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Adding this book to your PC avatar is an easy process.

First of all, make sure you have your avatar working in Unity. Import the downloaded .unityasset to your project and it should add an "Assets/Book" folder . In that folder, there should be a prefab called "MuteBook". Add that prefab as a child to the root avatar object.

Now you should set up two locations on the body where the book would attach itself: one on the hip, and one on the hand. Explore your avatar's skeleton and right click your left (or right) wrist > Add empty, and do the same with Hips > Add empty. Let's name these BookLeft and DefaultBook for example sake.

Click on MuteBook and assign the Parent Constraint weights to these two empties you created, the first target being the hips (DefaultBook) and the second target being the hand (BookLeft). Okay, to preview how the book would look on each target, just type in 1 for the weight and 0 for the other. Do that for both targets, and if you need to adjust anything, make sure to scale/rotate/position the empties you created.

When that's done, you need to add the animation parameter and controller - in the avatar descriptor, just enable the custom FX layer and drag the Assets/Book/Controller/BookFX controller there. Then enable expressions and drag Assets/Book/Menus (Parameters and Book Menu) to their respective slots.

And that should be it! Enjoy.