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its the minecraft song , and i used it because this was a free game (else i would get copyright claimed and get f***ed up :|)


Thank you so much for playing :D I downloaded the music from internet (Fur Elise Remix) but all the sound effects and graphics are made by me.

No problem if u dont have any coding skills! You can use engines like "scratch" to get started! Its so easy to learn and it's visual coding system is awesome for learning code! (i also started coding with scratch!). go to to get started!

Nice game! I love the idea!

I added a webgl build :D


I added WebGL to the project so you can play it :D

so it means that i have to install the unity again?

Hi! I made a game for the jam with the unity engine and built it for windows , but the host says it's better that i build a linux version for the game. does anybody know how to build the game for linux? thank you.


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What a smart idea! so i'm no longer stressed. thank you :D

Hey, the time is 3 days not 3 hours , fix it please! Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic #TeamTrees Jam!

Make a game about planting trees and share it with other game developers around the world!

Join here:

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Thank you so much for putting my project in your video! yay :D

Thank you so much.

Hi! Im creating a game for the jam but i have a question: Must i put the source code on github to submit my project or its necessary?

Thank you.

Great game! but i missed sounds alot. you could simply add a music to the background. Otherwise it was a great game!

Thank you for playing! I had 5 hours to create the game (because of school) so it was the best idea that i had. but thank you for leaving a comment! :D

Great work! I loved the controls! its so smooth. good job!

Thank you so much for playing! Im trying to fix the movement and there will be updates in the future! :D

Wow! great work! thank you for the answer! :D

How did you make the graphics? Photoshop or etc. ?

Im an indie game developer so i wanted to know how to make better 2D graphics.