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Overall: Great & Fun game to spend some time with!  

In total, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the difficulty is perfect in the first 3 levels. It's enough of a challenge to make you focus, but not enough to anger you! I will definitely be spending some more time with this game to unlock the other weapons. 

The notes on the walls that say "not to shoot", when you are in fact supposed to shoot the wall gave me a laugh - I hadn't realized you weren't joking about the whole "don't trust anyone" in the main menu.

Interesting merge of puzzle solving with the blocks, buttons, & locks. I did struggle a few times to get the blocks to move in the direction I wanted and to get them on the buttons. Possibly being able to move the blocks by pushing them (instead of shooting) would help fix this. 

Side note - Was playable on my 2009 macbook pro, game does not require a heavy built computer (which is always a plus). 

Recommendation: I think adding the ability to choose between "hold to aim" and "click to aim" would be nice for others like myself that prefer to hold down the right mouse button. 

Can't wait to see how you continue to develop this game in the future, looking forward to more levels! 

-If you are reading this review, I recommend giving the game a download, who knows? you might be pleasantly surprised!



If you are scrolling through the comments trying to decide if this game is worth a download, it certainly is. The game has an amazing art style <3, a really smooth and floaty parkour feel to it. Even the color scheme is awesome! Definitely will be keeping an eye on the game as it develops!

-Thanks for the awesome game,