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i cant believe you harnessed the power of god and put it in a video game like this. yoshie is beautiful

i have some really harsh words i'd like to say about this game and in particular its graphics and sense of "comedy", but i'll hold back on that to tell you that this violates team salvato's ip guidelines by using that background from the game and being on 

"Fan work that includes official DDLC assets may not be used to create new video games. "

"You are NOT allowed to redistribute DDLC or fan games on any app store including [...] [...] You may not port DDLC or any fan game to these platforms."

you can claim fair use all you want but that doesn't change the fact that you just completely disobeyed the guidelines here.  

i'd also wager that it violates's community rules as well, though i'm not quite as certain on that one:

"Do not create posts about sensitive topics that may instigate argument

While we certainly respect free speech, we ask for your consideration of others in the channel and in our community. Avoid posting material that promotes polarizing views about religion, race, gender, politics, or any other groups."

i can tell just by looking at this thing that you've got some really polarized views on those things.

in short, this game violates team salvato's copyright. it counts as a fan game, and it breaks the rules that were set for such things. it also likely breaks's rules as well. you should take it down or at least contact team salvato to ask if you could somehow get an exception made for it, which i doubt they'd agree to as this is nothing but a shallow parody and doesn't really have any value of its own.

ok good to know! it was pretty confusing having the game restart with no warning like that

hi, i downloaded the demo and i'm having fun with it, but i'm confused as to why the game seems to suddenly send me back to the start after a couple minutes (i haven't managed to record the exact time so that's just what it feels like)? is this an intentional time limit or a weird bug? is there something i'm doing that triggers the restart? for the record, this isn't caused by me dying to an enemy as far as i can tell, because the animation that normally plays when i die doesn't happen. 

hatsun's minku!!