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Heh, your questions are actually relevant to each other. The key is used in account registration (via the Log In button in the main menu). You need said account to play multiplayer. :)

If it still doesn't work, please PM me on WolfQuest so we can try to figure it out :)

Go to the download page of the game (by following the link in your email or via your account on here). The button that generates your key should be below the download buttons.

Heh, communication is important, right? Glad to see it's appreciated! Dave just posted on the forums he's hoping for the full game to be released "tonight" (US timezone), so expect the full release very soon now! ;)

We don't guarantee a release date because we are not sure, and have been saying that over and over, actually. I understand it is frustrating, but I can guarantee you it is just as frustrating for the devs when a pretty serious bug pops up just as they think the game is finally ready for release. The only thing we have is estimates, and right now the estimate is any day now, as the vast majority of the bugs has been fixed. Thing is, with every fix (and thus change in coding) comes the risk of creating new issues. For that reason, it's hard to 100% predict for sure when the game will be released. Trust me when I say it is in fact any day now, though.

My apologies if you feel let down or anything. Believe me when I say we're frustrated with the constant necessary delays as well.

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You should be just able to right click the .zip folder and click "Extract All..." or something along those lines (should be the third option). Please let me know if it works! You might want to try downloading it again if it doesn't, I can't know if it's just WinRAR giving you grief or downloaded files somehow being corrupted.

Also, sorry for the late reply on this ^^;

Several people have reported this issue so far, but I'm afraid it's still unclear what causes it. Does your computer meet the minimum specifications? Also, have you tried launching in lower graphics settings? It sounds to me like it could have to do with your graphics card, but again, that's not for certain at all..

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Have you tried right clicking the folder and extracting all files to a regular folder (without using WinRAR)? You should be able to run the .exe after doing this. Scroll through the comments on here, I posted more with regards to that.

Right now, it looks like things are going quite smoothly.. Still, we can never make any promises!

Not right now; I'm assuming you'll be able to in the future. The tablet version is going to have to go through an approval period first, and I think Dave isn't submitting it until the game is actually finalised.

Are you on Windows? The folder that you have downloaded should be a .zip folder. When you right click that, you should get a list of options of which the third one is supposed to say something along the lines of "extract all". This is what it looks like on my (Dutch) pc:

with the third option here being "extract all..."

After doing this, you should get a regular folder in which you should be able to launch the .exe just fine. Good luck!

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Ah, no- you right click it, and the third option or so should say "Extract all..." or something along those lines (my pc's language is set to Dutch, or I'd screenshot it for you). After doing this, you should get a 'regular' folder that looks like this:

instead of the one with a zip on it. All files should now normally 'cooperate' together when you double-click WolfQuest-Trial-Win.exe and the game should launch.

Please let me know if it works!

Depends on which version of the game you are buying. If you buy the PC version, you'll get the complete game with everything unlocked including the things you mentioned. If you buy the tablet version of the game, you'll have an option to choose whether you want to buy everything, or just certain things (such as only multiplayer without any of the new customisation options). Check the Pricing thread in the 2.7 N&A boards on the forum for more information:

I don't know a lot about Mac, but have you seen this thread?

Ah, that just means you've finished the demo mission. When the full game is released, you'll have to purchase it to unlock Slough Creek and its mission. Basically, that star is the portal between Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek, and in the full game it'll prompt you there to travel to Slough Creek (or not).

So basically, right now you can't really do anything with that star yet.. Keep exploring the Amethyst Mountain map with your mate, or do some more hunting :)

Right click the zip folder and unzip it first. All files should then be put in a regular folder, and you should be able to run the executable just fine.

Weird, have you tried regularly unzipping it (without winRAR)? See if that gives a similar error, you might have to redownload in case files got corrupted if that is the case.

I replied on your other post, but basically, the server host will be able to choose if they want Slough Creek co-op to be the game mode on their server. Then, it'll just be the Slough Creek mission arc as you know it, only multiplayer. :)

Right click and unzip it :)

Not yet; I believe it has to go through approval first. Haven't seen Dave mention anything regarding that yet, so keep an eye out on the forums. :)

The server host will be able to select the 'Game Mode'. One of those is SC coop, as opposed to 'regular' Slough Creek. If that one is picked, you'll be able to play through the entire Slough Creek mission as you know it together.

Eek, that does sound like it very well might have to do with your graphics card. Have you sent in a bug report along with your computer specs?

It was supposed to, but unfortunately some more bugs popped up. We're still hoping for an ASAP release, because it's starting to look like the bug in question might have been a server sync issue (it's a nightmare to reproduce, in any case - we haven't succeeded yet).

This is pretty much the reason why we never give out a guaranteed release date ^^; the problem with bugs is that you don't know they're there until you trigger them, so it's hard to estimate when you've finally gotten rid of the most of them.

Sorry for the inconvenience; but rest assured the game will come out any day now.

- Anduril

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You should be able to, but the mechanics have changed since 2.5. Instead of having to visit all territories, I believe you need to gather a certain amount of experience points before any dispersal wolves show up.

- Anduril

Not yet! Those are going to be features of the full game (the one that will require purchase). As said on the tin, this is just the demo version to allow you to get a taste of what the game is going to be like.

A few more bugs popped up about 10-12 hours ago which does delay the release date a tad more, but rest assured that the game will be out soon, and after purchase you'll be able to explore Lost River and Slough Creek to your heart's content. The bugs in question actually have to do with the co-op Slough Creek map; so it would be a shame if the game were to be released with those left unfixed.

- Anduril

You'll be able to purchase the game as soon as it's officially released. Please keep an eye out on the forums; it'll be any day now!

- Anduril