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I'm not comfortable with sharing that information publicly. Would it be okay to send it via email?

I uploaded a version with mouse sensitivity controls.

I uploaded a version with mouse sensitivity controls.

I uploaded a version with mouse sensitivity controls.

Wow! I didn't manage to beat one shot man. How did you do it?

I completely understand the problem! I didn't have time to make a settings menu, though.

If it's of any help, try setting your mouse sensitivity down in your windows mouse settings!

It's very important to rely on techniques you are very familiar with, and try to come up with methods to make the content easy to create.

Tickling based combat made me laugh out loud.

I liked it, but it would have been awesome if it had online map sharing

It's a bit buggy, you can move your mouse outside and lose focus when you click, and there's no rotation limits so you can accidentally flip your view

I couldn't get the game to work ? I can't swipe or do anything other than show the bounty?

I like it but the music gets really grating. I can understand why she wants to shoot him.

How do you use the bounty? It's not clear how the game works

I have no idea how this game works?

I like the concept

I got the toilet paper and then had no idea what to do?

I fell into a hole and couldn't get out.

I worked my ass off and made my best public game yet.

Note, the submission time is just when I created the webpage thing :)

Do the judges have any requirements for platform ? Mac/Windows/Linux...

I find it super scummy and an insult to our own efforts.

Does copious blood  and gibs count as adult content?

Hype!!! What are they made out of ?

This looks great!

Does the game have to be pirate related in some way, or only related to the theme?

this is very cool, but perhaps a visual novel format could have fit a lot better. It is annoying to slowly walk everywhere.

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I think the game is really suffering from the lack of AI.  I also am not sure where the theme figures in this, gameplay wise?

Great graphics and cool concept. I suggest you make the whole layout change costantly, including rooms! And perhaps add key-nabbing ghosts or something...

This has a lot of potential!

I liked the smooth movement, with polish, juice and a better animation, you could have something  very nice going on.

the color swapping gets headache inducing

I got blocked instantly after starting the game? A block falls in my path and I couldn't get out. I restarted the game and I managed to run past it, but then the elevator (I think) doesn't work?