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I'd like if it will became some kind of life simulator  (like A.C. or if you have an idea for different gameplay it's ok) or a running game against little pet or  someting else nice related with the little cute animal I've seen.  Awesome grafic, but  the color are a little bit to similar to each other and I do n't see the caracter well, it kind of merge to the surrounding.  I'll keep an eye on this game because I liked the world you created. Please keep up with this good work.

Great, I will try right now!!

I do n't understend how to get tomatos in time, before the man get mad and I loose the game. Maybe its because I'm not so good. I hoped it allow more freedom like harvest moon or animal crossing. The game is very cute, but I will quit. I LOVE the caracter and the grafic, but controls sometimes are not responsive, maybe it's my laptop.  Hovever it's a great job and a super cute game.