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Thanks, dude. The game is nowhere near what I had originally imagined it as. The wave system is just a clock that counts down every 75 seconds and says "New wave!" and isn't attached to the enemies that are on-screen at all. There was also suppose to be two more weapon slots. One for a low-ammo room-clearer weapon like a grenade launcher or a spike gun, and the other for explosives like frag grenades and C4. 

Enemies were suppose to be a bit smaller, more zombie like and spawn in the dozens. Accuracy would depend on both mouse position and the weapons general accuracy and there was also a bullet penetration system for the more hard hitting guns. You could plant C4 or a frag grenade to a string in the hallway that would explode when triggered. You could end the night prematurely by barricading the staircases and hope that you had killed enough to survive until they had forgotten about you and risk a total gameover. Death would mean the next night you would play as one of the family members.

You know, writing all this down, I'm suddenly realized my original scope for this project. I was bogged down during development and at the end of it I had forgotten why I was doing this. I might restart this project sooner than I realized. Thank you very much for the comment!

I'm very glad you liked it!

Oh wow, this is really good. I love the music and the game design is fucking fantastic. Love the dream within the dream part!


What timing, I've actually worked on it a bit today and was just about to release an update... patch... thing. Thanks for keeping with!

Ammo crate is definitely in the next update. A melee attack is an interesting idea too, I'll give that a thought. I never really planned an endgame state as the game I referenced, Chocolate Rain, was an infinite enemy spawner where you're supposed to see how long you last. Thank you for playing, dude!

DAY 15

Damn this was close. It isn't fully finished but at least I got it into some form of a working state. Development might be a bit slower in the future but if this gets enough of a following then the dev time will increase accordingly. Hope everyone had a great time during the jam!

I've still got a lot to learn and a lot to do but I think I've made great progress so far. There's a lot to be fixed with this and honestly I'm not to proud of the game in it's current state. Hopefully the next time you see this game it'll be worth something!

Day 14

Good news and bad news.

Bad news: The project isn't nearly close to what I'd imagine it to be and there are a lot of things missing. Some art and sounds probably aren't going to be done on time and the code isn't as good as it could be 


The good news is: I'm going to continue on with the project after the game jam! I'd also like to thank the jam coordinators for making this jam so I could finally get off my ass and make something. This game jam was a huge learning experience for me and I've learnt so much about programming and game development. 

Also, progress update gif:

My current game plan is to delay the project until the very last minute so I can add in menus and stuff. Hopefully I have enough time as there really isn't much of a game at the moment. Once the menu is done, with a difficulty setting and the ability to start and restart the game.

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Day 13

Boy this is getting pretty close. I've got most animations done but I'm nowhere near what I originally intended for this project. I've had to take a couple of shortcuts just to get what I've got on time.

But this is the checklist that I HAVE to complete by tomorrow:


    -Difficulty setting

    -Wave Spawner

-Enemy Damage

    -Barricade Health

    -Player Health



    -Main Menu

    -Ammo count

    -Reload Timer

    -Barricade Timer

    -GameOver state

Day 11

Animation is hard

Day 10-11

Enemy are movin' and groovin'. Changed bullet from a moving object to a linerenderer that spawns at the end of a raycast. Figuring out how to render the length of the line while still keeping the right rotation was a bitch but I got it working in the end. I'm a little paranoid with adding too much performance hit where it isn't needed so I'm figuring out how to implement enemy movement without a dynamic rigidbody. It still has a kinematic rigidbody for hit collision.

Next up is an enemy wave spawner, enemy attacks, enemy climbing (To get to the sleepers), enemy interactions with barricades, and hopefully some improved enemy movement

I SHOULD get onto gui soon...

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Day 7


Enemy sprites are still a work an in progress and all they're gonna do is walk forward and start hitting any barricade/player that's in front of them until they eventually get to the staircase.

But todays problem was a bug with the shooting mechanics. You see, I have this script that disables the weapon prefab when the player changes weapons. This works alright, even with the main shootin' tootin' script as a child for each weapon. But today I learned that if you disabled a gameObject, then all the coroutines just give up. Which is bad, because I had a WaitForSeconds to simulate reload time. It took me a whole day to learn that Invoke() isn't effected by scripts OR gameObjects being disabled. So now when the player runs out of clips, I turn the script off (this.enabled = false) then invoke a small Wait method which just has this.enabled = true after seconds dictated by reloadTime. WEW

Edit: Here's the creature designs:

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Day 6

Hallway doors can be barricaded. Player can move up and down the staircase too. Enemies are next! Gotta get started on GUI too.

Day 3

Guns are working, bullets come out at the right end. Ammo, magazines and reload time all for specific weapons are working nicely.

Thanks! I've just been following tutorials mostly but I think I can do most of my goals by the end of the two weeks. I know jams are about bringing out creativity through deadlines but I'm never quite happy with a project if I don't see it all the way through. I've got way more goals I have in mind but I gotta keep it real :]. Weapon switching is done:

But I should be working on bullets and enemies next. Base gameplay is nearly done!

All I need is some proper art and maybe some music but I don't think that'll be anytime soon.

I love games about necromancers. Do get any skelebuddies to help you?  Oh, and as someone else that has trouble starting projects, that skeleton animation is pretty sick. Great progress dude!

Day 2(??)

More progress today. Character arms are movin' and at the proper shoulder joint to boot! Raycasts are being shot when player clicks but most importantly the character faces the direction where the arm is! I'm proud that one mostly because I didn't use a tutorial to make it. 

Next up are the weapons and the accuracy + penetration system. This one'll be hard. I want to get the position of the mouse and the position of the enemies and calculate accuracy depending on how far away the mouse is but I'm a bit stuck. Plenty of time to think about it while I actually implement the weapons.

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Day 0

The Gist Of It

Just Keep Sleeping is a 2D Shooter game inspired by the Chocolate Rain flash game.  The gameplay is set on a single map with multiple floors the player can transition from by using stairs. The goal is to protect the people sleeping in the attic (Sleepers) from the oncoming hoards of monsters coming from each hallway on each floor. The player has  4 weapons that each have separate resupply crates on each floor.  The monsters come in waves with increasing difficulty starting from the bottom floors first then slowly rising. The player can barricade the staircases and hallways doors to prevent the monsters from entering the house but preventing the player too. Each hallway has an alarm system that triggers a bell when monsters are approaching from that hallway. The game is over when the monsters kill all the sleepers.

I know the scope may be a little too much for someone who has never made a game before but I'm hoping to get as much of this done by the end of the jam.


I'll be realistic and start with the easiest goals first and add in the harder stuff if I can, checking off items as I go along.

1. Movement system

    1.1 Staircase transition

    1.2 Door barricade code

2. Shooting System

    2.1 Body and Head hitboxes

    2.2 Weapon accuracy system

    2.3 Bullet penetration system

    2.4 Throwable items

3. Enemies

    3.1 A* pathfinding

4. Alarm System

Day 1

Not much progress today as family stuff has gotten in the way a bit but the movement system is at least... there.

Hopefully I can get much more done in the following days.

Fuuuck $150 for the HTML5 export? I have GameMaker 1.4 Pro but only for Windows and Tizen (For some reason...) export. I originally got it when the base engine was free and pro was half off but now it looks like I made a bad investment.

Well it looks like Unity is my best choice here. Unity web player seems like something most people would download at some point in time. I know I've already got it. Plus it's free to use. Anyway, thanks for the reply!

I know a bit of both engines but I'm wandering which of the two is the better? I want my game to be easily accessible with no need to download a .exe file. It's a small 2D shooter game with only one map so it should fit in really well as a browser game. 

1. Which one is the easiest to implement into a browser?

2. Which one is the better for browsers?

Thanks a bunch