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Update your directx drivers

for windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35&44F86079-8679-400C-BFF2-9CA5F2BCBDFC=1

let me know if that fixed the problem, thanks!

The original idea behind WOH was actually a small game to be played on a phone. It is 100% possible it'll get an android port later. Thanks!

Choosing a perk is a sweet idea! Def. implementing it in the next version! As of steak knife, it's the most basic weapon and kicking's bonus depends on character's strength

WELL, there is a secret otherworldly ending but it's probably too obscure and I'll add some hints to the next version ;)

hey belial, Uzumaki won't be making it to the next version because of legal reasons, players will be able to add their own custom elder gods with the in-game card editor though and I can't wait to see them! As of limiting mysteries, right now they are not connected in any way with the chosen elder god and you can easily treat them as Ito's short stories. The game focuses of mysteries, really. Elder gods are a way of adding more flavor, additional mechanics and god-specific events.

much love, Paweł

Posted in Some found bugs

Thanks Kara, the DD12 version is a huge mess I got three pages of bugs and feedback. I've decided to skip fixing this version and instead start working on a new one with all the feedback included.

About the save/load - I'm thinking about it!