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Thank you for your feedback <3 Apologies for the mac problems, hopefully I can minimize those in future games!

Rpgmaker MV!

Ahh thank you!! I'll be sure to check it out later! I'm glad you enjoyed the game <3

Thank you!! There's a few bad endings where you die if you fail in battle, the normal ending (which the true ending expands on), and a bad ending where you don't get Ami back : (

Sorry about that! It's difficult for me to fix Mac issues since I have a PC, but I'll hopefully be able to get beta testers for future games to help fix game breaking bugs. Thanks for playing the game and I hope this didn't ruin your experience.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the kindness and support <3 

Sorry about that, I haven't figured out how to balance the combat yet. Is it still to difficult with all of the items from the chests?

I'm glad you liked the game! I'm not sure if I'll fix anymore bugs for now, unless they're game breaking  or lots of spelling errors start to rack up since I'm moving on to new projects now. I'm also not sure where I put the game files lol. Thank you for telling me, though!

Oh gosh, thank you so much! <3  I definitely have plans to release more games in the future!


Thank you!

Thank you!! <3

Here's the new link

You might want to hold off on translating for a bit! I need to make sure I fixed a game breaking bug. Afterwards, I'll send you the updated stuff.

I think I found the problem. Could you try the version of the game I just uploaded and tell me if it works on your end?

Oh wow sure!! You can download the files here

Oh, I'm sorry! I'm not really sure how to fix this, especially since I don't have an mac computer to experience this myself. Maybe something went wrong the first time, so I tried re-exporting the mac version and uploading it again here. Could you try the new mac download?  

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Thank you! omg I'm kind of embarrassed since I don't think it's really let's play worthy, but sure, go ahead! I'm glad you uploaded that actually, because I just noticed some things I have to fix (the character's pictures are all mixed up in the ending lol).

Thank you!! I'm glad that you enjoyed it and I appreciate the fanart!

Thank you for the feedback!

Ah sorry about that, I wasn't sure how to make the story go when you win so I just kept the same scenario rather you win or not. I'll fix the problem with the other cave though! As for the battles, my knowledge on damage formulas and how to scale enemies up in difficulty as you level is basic. Hopefully I'll improve with my next game if it includes combat. There's six items you need to get the true ending, but if you don't have all of them, you'll get the regular ending.