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Hello, Chiel! Thank you for the hard work! Listen, Chiel, no one will blame you for not working if you are sick. So please, it's okay >.< Even though, my mom and dad straight up worked after their shot. Not even any worry about the side effects. I think they are superman/woman.

Ughhhhhh @.@ So complicated... I'm happy at least I think I won't need to think about fengshui and zodiac in the future because my fam is not keen on it.

Last week ask gave me ideas on more kinds of questions we can ask. I've seen a lot of "what-if" or "how would they react" questions like it on Tumblr. It seems really fun, so I will try to come up with something... Uhhh, let me think... ...My uncreative ass can't think of anything XD Let's see... how about THIS!

How would the boys react if Maya blew to their ear? (In the friend zone or flirting zone or dating zone, I think I will make you choose what is more fun to you!)


Me: ....

Me: ....Honey bee a dear and give me some digits too, please?


Me: T_T

Chiel, will it be different if it's Maya (in deep affection ig) T_T

"Lots of accidental bugs, mostly with sprite's clothes popping off." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm rolling XD

I will most definitely play this game soon! I will post my thoughts after playing ASAP or when I'm available. And AHAHAHAHA I agree with @Legendary_Zathura below XD I can't stop laughing XD

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Edit: Was going to only say that for a joke, but ehhh...

Hi, Chiel! Thank you for the hard work!

- Your wedding is postponed? Ahh... I know a friend whose brother was going through the same thing. It must be stressful... But I guess you have more free time at the moment? If you need some break, you totally deserved it.

- BAD ENDING! BAD ENDING! BAD ENDING! *.* I LOVE GREAT BAD ENDINGS! *.* MAKE IT JUICY! (Disclaimer: No, I don't like to torture myself but I like to torture myself with feelings.)

- Been thinking to do exercises too. What do you do for the exercise every day, Chiel?

- Kahlil is so cute TwT Guntur is so intense TwT Arya is a tsundere, what is new? I love this ask XD XD My new favorite.

Noooooo, I actually love stats feature D: I love being confused and making things harder for myself. It is harder to be immersed yes, but I want to at least go through it one or two times D: ...And, oh, I guess the petitions are part of the story. That slips from me.

Okay, which server I have to send the typos to? Feedback?


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I just finished a playthrough (I consistently choose Alexander, my best boy, through it)! It is really great! Everything is NEAT, the visuals are stunning. I have praised the character sprites many times. The background CGs look superb. I think I spent a minute or two admiring your UI, from the main page to the settings page, I clicked on it one by one lol XD Even if I had to use Simple font because the default is a little hard to read ^^"

The OST sounds super good too! I think it really contributes a lot to the atmosphere. But I can't say anything about the composition of course XD I notice in Alexander's route, one OST (I called it D Minor Arpeggio OST lol... I think it is D Minor...) is repeated a lot when I click to proceed with the story. I think it is a programming problem? It is continued until the scene fades into the "Policies, Petitions, and Diplomacy" page. I can hear the OST repeated twice or thrice on this page too.

The writing is detailed. I love the narration, even though the quotation marks (the « ... ») take a little while for me to be used to it. I read slowly at my own pace and I've never been bored even for a second. Unfortunately, I can't say more about the story or characters when playing a demo because it is still only a part of the story, even more so if the game has stats feature. For me, stats feature has the downside that it is harder for me to be immersed. So I think for the story review, I will wait until we have more material for me to be able to process it in my head (maybe the final version). But agreeing with user @VersaceHostile below, the MC is truly a freaking bad bitch XD XD XD

By the way, does Lydia not have any ladies-in-waiting or maidservants? Is it not the custom? I want to ask one more thing, but I can't for the life of me remember it :D Maybe I will ask you on tumblr when I remember.


Ayael, I found a few misspells, do you want me to tell you? Maybe here or Discord or emails? I took a photo of them lol But I plan to play only one time and I don't like to overplay a demo, so the misspells may be not all. I don't know if you have fixed these tho, sorry if this is redundant.


Master of Murmurs, can I invite you to "murmur" about ourselves in the corner of the royal garden, far from sights? Thank you in advance.

OH DAMN YES!! 😂😂😂 Thank you, Celianna!

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Hello Chiel, thank you for your hard work.

Okay, I have read your reply to my review in Discord! Sorry I just left you on read, but I just didn't know what to say. But now I do, please allow me to reply here. It is fun to hear that you liked my review and meme XD Your reply gives me insight a lot to the other side of story creation. I always approach a story inside the shoes of only a reader, with an emphasis on both logic and feelings, being as detailed as I can. But when you talk about "black and white jail uniform instead of orange because you consider the target consumer" or "no CG for Dio to prevent people mistaking him as the 4th bachelor", it opens my mind that I've never considered the thought process from the production side of a creator. Sure, because I'm not you, of course I won't know all of these without you tell me. but this reminds me that while I have consumed stories in any form for over a decade, I don't know more than I always thought I do about a story after all. WELL! That's all! Because the demo review is 4 pages minus the intro, outro, and the meme, let's see how many pages I will write when we finally get to play Bermuda! XD

Oh right, I also got an ask. I will present it as interesting as possible (I hope) tho. Here how it goes:

"Today is the day. I got a challenge for you. PangHerHeart, the challenger today, has the Goddess' power just for this ask to turn anyone who doesn't wanna participate (Arya) into a frog (yes, not even their corresponding spirit animal). If Chiel wishes to, Maya can participate as well. First, all of you, please do rock-paper-scissor or 'hompimpa', whichever you prefer. Then please take note of who wins first, second, third, and last. Okay, here is the challenge: Please choose a person and imitate that person as best as you can. First place can choose first, then second and third. The loser will take whoever left. Okay. That's all. Game on!"

I just realize this is kinda a challenge for Chiel to come up with how this person imitates that person. Teehee. Please just have fun.

There is nothing I haven't known about the latest update, so I will just say that I'm so excited for the demo! ^0^ I heard that you were searching for English beta testers, but I deliberately didn't apply because I wanted to experience games from the point of view of players only, unfortunately.

Well, once again, I can't wait!

This is the shortest waiting time I've ever experienced for games I'm kinda confused XD Without further ado, I will download your game now! Any future thoughts about the game will be posted later/as soon as I'm available! Thank you!

I have sent a request! My Discord username is #kpchrs, Chiel. Thank you 😊😊

Hi Chiel, thank you for your hard work!

For the routes, I pretty much agree with @ro-ses below! hehehe

I won't say too much, because I have said too much in my demo review............ You can see the link to the review on the game main page... You can read it whenever, but because there are people messing with it, I have locked it right now. When you want to read it, you can just ask for permission and tell me that you are Chiel, I will allow it immediately.

Thank you and take care of yourself too!

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Hello, Chiel! Hereby is my review of the demo after one (or two) years of putting it off. I always make sure to write my reviews in detail because I think it is more helpful >.< I divide this review into art, writing, and characters because those are the topics I understand the best (not an expert tho, at all). I hope this doesn't sound obnoxious or excessive or overwhelming or something because this is too LONG (mostly because I have many thoughts about the characters teehee)! And so I have to put this into Docs -_- I'm so sorry I have written this much. And whatever I have written, I’m so sorry if something offends you T_T Not my intention at all. It’s just that I’m pretty honest with reviews.

By the way, if you are curious, the review has 5 pages, but don’t quick scroll it just yet to scan this long-ass review because I prepared a surprise at the end.

(For fellow players, you can totally read this too!)

Of course, since this is long and you recently got a health diagnosis, you can read and reply whenever.

Edit1: After I have people messing with it, I changed the link to only people allowed can access it -_- Guys, I give you access not for you to try to be my editor for whatever reason. This is a review for god's sake. Now people who want access, especially Chiel or people who often comment on Chiel's weekly update posts (like @Sesame Seed, I miss you gurl, where are you? Hope you are okay), can tell me directly that they want to access in the replies. I allowed Chiel basically anything, but the rest I only allowed you people to read or comment on it. Don't suggest things please.

Don't worry. I check my phone frequently.

Edit2: Because Chiel has read and commented, I provide you with pdf version instead. Well, just in case. You can only view tho.

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Hi, Chiel! Thank you for the hard work!

I will be quick because I don't really have something to say except that I will finally finish my review tomorrow lol Why is it so long? That's because I am having a writer's block (hahahaha! Writer's block for a game demo review? 😂😂 Well, when you see it, you will know what I mean...) You can read it whenever you are available.

I have read your recent updates for your health, so sleep, eat, drink healthily now! I prolly should start sleep earlier too... Why is the night so quiet and peaceful and comfortable for solitude? Is it such a sin to be a night owl? ;-; Is there any way to simulate the night vibe in the mornings? T_T

Edit: I have finally posted the review of the demo on the game's main page ^0^

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My goodness, Chiel o.O This is why I'm thinking to do a health checkup. They say it is recommended to do this once a year. I'm definitely not that healthy. So I'm kinda curious and scared of my condition. Maybe a definite diagnosis can scare me to finally exercise consistently lol

Of course we understand! Health is the number one priority. Please take care of yourself and maybe decrease your target per week. Actually, in following a game development, my only concerns are: (1) is the game still in development? (2) is the developer healthy? I don't really care about when the game will finish 🤷‍♀️ So don't worry about this and please stay healthy!

Edit: I'll drink lots right now wkwkwk

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Hi, Chiel! Thank you for the hard work!

The OST sounds good! It really sounds like a battle. Is this an OST you commissioned from them?

Regarding MBTI, it is okay to be skeptical. What I'm trying to advocate about the test is that it is not as bullshit as horoscope (sorry for people who believe in it), that's all. I really don't want people to think they are in the same realm XD It is really based on psychology theory (though some would think it is a pseudoscience due to the low validity and reliability). It takes your answers and creates a percentage from them, then gives you some prediction based on it. Horoscope tells your personality from your birth month. How is that logical? The way birthdays can influence your personality is from the context of time, that's all.

However, I don't recommend people to define themselves with MBTI 100% either. Personality is complex. Categorizing a person with these letters will get them to be stereotyped, and that's not fun I guess. I would say the most reliable of this test is the introvert/extrovert category. I personally am proud to be 75% introvert. I'M AN INTROVERT AND I'M PROUD.

(If people don't know, introverts mean people who get their social battery charged by being alone, while extroverts mean people who get their social battery charged by being with people. Not about being shy or being outgoing like that. These get misunderstood a LOT so I put it here just in case.)

Okay, despite my nerdy chatters, my main reason to recommend you this is because it is a good way to deepen characterization and character comprehension, honest XD It's fun to hear that it's accurate for the boys tho, because sometimes it's not!

Edit: Chiel, do you mind if I make fan edit from your files? It will include tampering with your demo ofc, I don't know if you mind it or not, so I will ask for permission first.

I'm just in my daily checking when I stumble on this. Please take care of yourself first and foremost. Take as much time as you need. I will pray for your journey in your recovery ^.^ Hope you'll be better soon!

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Hi, Chiel. Thank you for the hard work! I will be quick too kkk

Regarding the magic circles, I agree with Yanonako below! I love the colors, the details, and the glow (tbh I love the pink lolll) but if the pink is Guntur's, Kahlil will protest because it is his favorite color LOL Maybe you got intent, so tbh I don't really mind either way, but just to point it out! Btw, I will play the demo soon, please wait. I will post the review on the game's main page so every newbie can see it. Well, good luck this week!

Edit: About Kentaro Miura, I was sad too. I haven't read Berserk, but I would love to, I just put it off because it was on hiatus since forever, but now it is really on hiatus forever T_T I still intend to read one day tho. RIP.

I had a lovely Golden Retriever. I know how affectionate they are ^_^ She was a darling, which is why Goldens are my soft spot. Before you asked, yes, it was 7 years ago when she passed. Don't worry, I'm fine ^_^

I will add you on Discord, even though I don't use Discord much ._. I don't know how to use it too, but I make sure the notif be active. My username will be different tho, it is kpchrs! Feel free to hit me up here or there. The easiest place to search for me is in Chiel's comment section.

Prank your teacher with a stare and a head shaking when you meet them lol Bonus if you want to add some "tsk tsk tsk". They will feel very judged and will feel bad all day lol!! Just a little mischief lol You don't have to do this. Just... what they did to you is awful. I would want some revenge. See, I'm sensitive with this kind of topic 🤷‍♀️

Oh, I don't really watch western TV Show 😂 I hope peace can be with Palestine because I'm tired watching what they are doing to Palestine...

My dad particularly hates cats. My mom and my brothers don't like that they were dirty. I was quite attached to the mom cat, but the kittens were mean to me 😂 I don't remember how they looked like exactly, the mom cat was a black cat with amber eyes and spoiled and liked to beg me food. The kittens were either black, white with brown/black spots, or brown with black stripes. I think they were all girls, maybe only a week old. When they were disappeared, I was quite bummed, but I knew I can't take care of them forever. I'm more of a dog person, so in the future I want at least adopt a doggo.

Hi, Chiel! Thank you for the hard work!

That's a nice background! And three thrones?? HMM... I'm curious now... very curious. Should I just play your demo already lmao At first, I don't wanna play it because I want to blindplay, but after a year or two getting to know the boys in all these updates, that's not blind anymore, isn't it? Lol Okay, I will play it finally. I will give you my thoughts about it as soon as possible!

And... wth, Guntur 😂 I would be weirded out too if you suddenly offered me food or number over a BOOK in a library (I mean, if it's my own book, it will make sense more...) BRUH, c'mon, man...

Also, Chiel, I remember someone asking you the MBTI personality test of the boys. Have you looked into it? Don't worry, it's not like a horoscope or something! It's based on psychology theory! You can go to to do the test. I'm purely curious tho 🤷‍♀️ I have some guesses on what MBTI they have... When you ever have time, please try the MBTI test as if it's the boys taking it! It would be a great way to deepen characterization and character comprehension. You are busy now tho, just do it anytime you have free time...

Male teacher? 😀 I see. *grab a black hoodie, black pants, black mask, and metal bat*

Can you please tell me his address please, detective? 😀😀


What a coincidence! Last week a mom cat with eight kittens came to my house. I tended to them briefly before my parents told our worker to dump them somewhere 😑

There is no news about the author. Like, NONE. I still have hope but I have given up at the same time. And there are people like you and me that are still checking this out. I almost feel miserable... I don't give money at all on the Kickstarter so I'm okay, but I feel sorry for the people who lost their money and I'm not okay about that fact.

I'm doing okay, I guess. Don't really wanna talk about it ^^"

I'm in this photo and I don't like it XD

Welcome back, Amiralo ☺️ I miss your games. I will look forward to this!!

#$%&@#$%^#$%&@^!!! *this is a censorship for my swear words at the SHADY, IRRESPONSIBLE school and the HORRIBLE person who did this to you*

Asdfghjkl Change all of your social media at least! It is not worth keeping them. Don't go out for while if it's not urgent!! Wear mask for double protection if you do! STAY SAFE!

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Hi Chiel! Thank you for the hard work! I came here, having topics to write, but I forget it all... Oh well 🤷‍♀️

That sucks that they sold you used ones -_- That's a scam if true smh... I hope in the future you can get new computer or something! Because that SUCKS.

Is it a rule you enforce on yourself to make up for unfulfilled quota? Because I certainly don't mind because you got a rough week there. But... if you insist, taking a peek is not bad... HEHEHEHE

It is so hot yes -_- A lot of mozzies too. I'm turning on AC earlier and more often now because of this! -_-

Oh my, their morning routine is just as expected LOL Guntur is truly a MOM, I won't take back my nickname to him now! Congrats, Mom Guntur, you are first boy who get a "pet" name from me lol And... And... Arya is such an angsty ball 😭 That is not what I expect from asking their morning routine!!

HOLY SH-- Oh my, I know I'm not Chiel, but this is so messed up I can't resist replying!! Wtf, I'm so mad reading this!! Oh my goodness, are you okay?? T^T Hang in there... That so sucks... If that happened to me, I would maybe kill someone... in my own mind ofc, because I'm so sensitive about this. Please be careful!! Don't go out without someone else trusted!! T^T

Uhhh... please play fun games or watch funny videos to make yourself feel better!! T^T

Hi Chiel, long time no see, thank you for the hard work!

Oh my, my head got dizzy imagining your activities. I love my comfort zone. Tradition is complicated >.< And my head got dizzier imagining the coding you must get through. I have seen how devs code their games on Renpy and my eyes have gotten like this --> @.@. I don't like the phrase "good luck" because it seems like luck always takes the credit when people are working hard, so I will change it into "GANBATTE!" (Japanese) or "FIGHTING!" (Korean) \(>.<)/

It's unexpected how Kahlil is a night owl and Mom Guntur tends to forget his wallet or keys! I thought Kahlil sleeps early and wakes up late LOL What is he doing? Playing games? Watching TV? And from how I've seen, I thought Mo-- I mean, G-Guntur is always organized. Is he forgetful? On the other side, Arya is like how I always think of him. Predictable LOL

QUESTION: "How is each of the trio's morning routine like?" XD I don't know why but it will be funny to find out HAHAHAH

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I can wait for all this TT_TT My patience in waiting for the full game will be rewarded in the end, I need to believe that. Stop reaching for that wallet, me!! You don't have money for indulgence at this moment!! TT_TT

Well, that aside, thank you for the update of your hard work, dev ^^

Edit: I'm curious, in this release-per-route system, do you feel the urge to re-edit your released routes or not?

HOLY MOTHER OF PINEAPPLE. So sudden????? BUT I'M SHO HAPPY :))) You devs ish da besht!! uwu

...AHEM. Pardon me, My childish, excited side just comes out unexpectedly. I will gonna buy this definitely! ...When I have money. I will put this in my wishlist first ^w^ Thank you, devs~~~

Thank you for the update. I can't wait for the full game to come ^^ This reminds me that I need to explore the demo more XD

Thank you for the update! (By the way, is it only me? This is the first time I'm trying to comment here and the color of the font is too light for me to see. It is hard to write 😅)

- 45 minute demo is looong! Well, I don't normally play demo because I prefer playing blind, but just for you guys, I will play when you publish it ^_^

- The sprite artist will do the CG??? WOOOOW I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE.

Thank you for the hard work, will looking forward to the next update!

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Hi, hi! Is this still in development? Edit: I just found your Twitter and you devs are still active 😆 I'll change this into:

Hope you all are alright and happy and healthy, devs!

Oh my lord, Developer. How are you so good in your craft?? "Cupid's" writing left me speechless while "Eros Conquers All" shows us what you got with your art. And THIS??? WHAT?? WHAT IS THAT COVER ART?? How do you do that?? I want to make it my wallpaper XD XD XD It blows my mind. As a person who can only draw stickmen, I can't comprehend it.

I'm so happy you are restarting the project T_T I will look forward to this T_T The art causes me to weep even if without tears T_T

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Hello, Chiel! Thank you for the good work!

I love binging. So, if you are releasing them by routes, I don't think I will buy them until it's all complete! So there's no difference for me. Because of that, I'm like shrug "Eh, it's okay either way".

But when you say that you love polishing, by that time I'm 100% leaning towards "releasing the complete game" instead! Rather than giving me a chance to play the game earlier, I would much rather that you are proud and not regretting what you have put out 😂 Oh you perfectionist you 😂 (I understand that tho haha)

K-Dramas are great! I love watching them too. I especially love historical ones tho, like saeguk 😆 Or thriller, psychological, mystery, horror, or intrigue lol I don't really watch the romcom ones, even with how much I love romance. Too cheesy for me lol I think Penthouse is in the drama side not romance, so I've been wanting to check that out! Too bad K-Dramas are looong, I'm too lazy to watch them until finished. But ironically I have finished watching Empress Ki, which has 51 eps HAHAHA It's a saeguk and intrigue. Soooo, yeah 😆

Edit: Eh, for some reason my eyes skipped the "better fund flow"... I mean finance is pretty important. So now I'm 50:50 instead 😂😂 I guess this is a matter of sacrificing A for B, or B for A. Maybe it's better to look at your reality first then you can look at anything else.

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Hi, Chiel! Thank you for the hard work! And have fun with the wedding prep!

I will not be long here, but please tell Kahlil that he can do facial care in his own room. Put a mirror in your room and a desk below that mirror. Apply your 100-step skincare there! Don't hog the bathroom!! And please tell Kahlil to continue his words after "kis---" okay? Okay.

And how does "beast in the sheets" sound romantic, Guntur? *rubbing forehead*


Chiel, I notice something. Some time ago, Arya was cursing at me like always because I called him vulnerable and shoved finger hearts to his face. Remember that? Aight.

But you stopped him in time before he could continue saying things something that he will REGRET. Is this intentional? Is this a characterization?? You tell me Arya occassionally/always/secretly regrets some things he says??

I'm so random HAHA But I'm very proud of my attention to detail 😏

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Hi Chiel! Thank you for the hardwork!

Chiccha!! (Lol it's the Japanese for "What the-- He's so smol!!" 😂 I just blurt that out loud when I saw the pic) Arya is smol! Smoller than Kahlil! Guntur looks so big 😂😂 I'm sorry, despite have been commenting, I still haven't played the demo. I just wanna be surprised when I finally play the finished game!

Oh, you certainly are not weird for thinking like that! I mean, I used to not care about those too. But skincare is great! At least you should use moisturizer and sunblock tho? But if you have other priorities, indeed it's a luxury tho...

You can try first, I guess, with all that facial and spa and whatever 😂 Maybe you'll like it!

Wow, I admire Guntur and Kahlil's confidence. Not accepting compliments and just "Ah no no no, you are too kind" is actually kinda not good 😆 I'm still working on these too myself. And... HEY!! ARYA IS DODGING MY QUESTION!!

Hi, Chiel! Thank you for the hardwork!

November, oml! May the preparation be as smooth as a... baby's butt? ...What am I saying. Okay, well, may my prayer and whatever good be with you! XD I never care about a wedding before, because I'm not close with my relatives to be involved in their weddings. Dressing up is a hassle. I just eat and leave. That's why, despite being Chinese like you, I don't know anything about it. But when my big bro is ready, I guess I will be. OH MY GOD, MY BIG BRO IS OLD AND SINGLE.

I read @Sesame seed's comment about how hot Kahlil is, and it gives me an idea to a question:

How will the boys respond to people saying "Oh, dayuuuum, you're hot" to them?

Uh, not in a bad and creepy way of course! Like always I just like to be mischievous LOL

And oh, Chiel, ehem. Will we get to know the antagonist like we do with the boys, ex. like this QnA session? Or do you want to make them as mysterious as possible to surprise people in the finished game?

What a good news!

And aaah the sprites are eye candy, it is so good!!! *_*

So nice to see the progress! Even if I plan to buy once it's finished officially, I accidentally read a bit of a review that indicates that the bad endings are good. I love good bad ends, now I'm curious beyond compare... *cry*

Must... resist! I don't have money anyway! C'mon, me!! D:<

Oh well, but I must ask: how many bad ends are there in one route?

Ah, right, thank you for the hardwork, Dev! ^^