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Hello, Chiel. Long time no see. Thanks for your hardwork (like always) and good luck preparing your heart ☺️ I'm preparing my heart too for something big and thinking about it makes me go ASDFGHJKLLL


Because you said the boys are resting, I want to know, what they do in this week of resting lol Yea that's my question XD

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Huh, how many hours is this game, Chiel XD Hope it will not crash again lmao Good work this week :DD

Damn, if I have 1 million dollars, I won't know what to do. I'm not that good with finance @.@ Maybe I should give it all to my parents or something and do what Arya has suggested. Too much money, I'm gonna be overwhelmed XD But I think I will ask my parents to renovate my house and ask some to buy as many books and games I want hehe

Hello, Chiel. I'm surprised at the winter clothing XD I expected something like... ordinary coat and jacket?

A-a-a pet of a rich person?? Yea, actually yea, WHAT AN EFFING GOOD IDEA!! O.O Damn. I'm sorry, I do want to get away from life right now *heavily sigh*

The fact that I'm here means I still have hope... smh myself.

oF CoUrSe I'm CrEaTiVe DiMWit! >:O I'm thinking 24/7 about questions that will annoy you!!!

Lol, Chiel, I think I get along with Arya just fiiine~~~ Thank you for the answers tho XD And, thank you for the good work!

I knew Kahlil is bi xD Idk, I think I was just being worried, but I did want to annoy Arya *evil laugh* It's nice that you laugh though lmao

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HAHAHA I never intended to ask seriously, but I guess it is hard for you if you use that ask. So I will try to come up with another question. Hmmm...

=eLeVeN MiNuTeS LaTeR= *French Narrator Voice in Spongebob*

Because The Mysterious below asked what type of girls the trio likes, I will ask what type of men the trio likes.

Is that normal enough? Yes, that's my ask. Thank you.




P.S. Okay, on serious note, I'm sorry if I was being unreasonable. Please have fun..? I don't need their answers, maybe just their personalities if you do indeed choose my question?

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SCROOGE MCDUCK!! Arya must be listening to my heart as well!! asdfghjkl Yes, I love Scrooge McDuck. And cloudy!! I love cloudy too! Tell me, Chiel, is Arya secretly me? Yes, that's my ask. Ask it to the three of them.

Btw, long time no talk ^.^)/

It's okay, author! I like long games anyway x-D Congratulations tho! This is an achievement.

Aurelius yes Aurelius! X.X What an intense boy he is haha

Uh... I think I misled you there with my chosen term. Well, I couldn't find the term describing my ideas the most, so excuse me for my limited vocabulary in English XD Forget what I said about 'unique' then. What I meant is neater design?

Yes, yes ^^ Okay, you can find something that suits you more, developers!

I'm talking about the description of activities! It is the castle. Won't MC look around though? Seeing servants doing their duty, or seeing knights practicing, or anything. Take time to describe the surroundings I mean! It will let readers to feel like they're "there". You can add shadowy NPCs too. It's for an immersive playing.

Oh, Royal Alchemist is just released a while ago, so it is constantly in my mind! It has a gorgeous UI design, imo. It may not be the most unique, but it certainly looks neat and professional!

Hello, developers! I just finished the demo. Here I want to help you a bit by answering your questions :3

- Overall thoughts?

Looks promising! The art definitely stands out. The demo only shows three characters excluding the MC, but they are all likable (Lioren barely spoke one sentence and I like him already, the same with Edwyn lol). I check other characters as well, and they seem interesting! I would love to say more but unfortunately the demo is too short. I will wait for the game!

- What do you think we could improve on the demo ? (Graphics, writing, gameplay, GUI etc.)

Overall looks good? But if you ask me... maybe the interface? It looks standard renpy. You devs can design it more, so it will look more unique! And the castle feels empty... so far it has only four people in the castle, maybe you can improve on the atmosphere of the game. Maybe describing more on the environment, etc!

- What was your favorite part / your least favorite part?

My favorite part is the prologue opening, explaining the background lore using poem! And the art. What can I say, it looks neat. And the characters. Yes, because I like Lioren and Edwyn already lol

There is nothing I dislike, so I don't know what is my least favorite!

Also, I saw your Twitter and Website. You guys are active! Active developers are something I appreciate a lot. It gives a lot of reassurance :))

Have a nice day, devs!

Devs... You outdid the game... I have spent 15 hours dying like 10 times! I was so close on getting an ending too (I was on Week 59 when I died)!! This game is so hard but it's so good AAAA (Playing this normally without a guide is enjoyable ehehe)

After I finish all endings, I will come back and hopefully write another review :D

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Hello, Chiel! Long time no talk! It has been months, I'm sorry. I'm in online class right now, but we don't know until when this continues :/ I feel comforted whenever you update. You are diligent like always >.< Please prioritizing yourself, the most important thing is that you are healthy. You live near Jakarta, so please be careful.

Oh? No diverse expression? Well will he ever open his mask tho? You can draw the expressions you want at that moment! ...Maybe?

P.S. Get well soon.

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Nice!!! FINALLY I have something to do in this "stay at home" phase lol Thank you, Celiana. Please stay safe and healthy as well.

I love the artwork btw. Caine looks so cocky.

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"Me too"? Wh- We live in the same country, SweetChiel looool That's why I refer it as "our country" XD

SweetChiel, long time no see -_-" I'm in the middle of doing an assignment. It's 4AM and I just... *sigh*

Well, thank you for your work! It's reassuring to get notifications from you each week. Even though for like 2 or 3 months I hadn't had the time and energy to check. I'm sorry -_-

About the virus, I'm actually one of the paranoid people here lol There has been no infected here in our country. So far. No news, but that just makes me restless :D About your rambling tho, omg, yes. I love animals. I really do. Reading your rant just makes my blood boiled. I hate animal cruelty. Some people are just ARGHASDFGHJKL!!! But I do sympathize the patients. They are dying, the racism increased, and, well, I just hope everything will be okay. Even if it may be Karma, but some people don't deserve that. Let's just pray there will be more development on the virus and the vaccine research. May we learn from all of these issues >.<

Yes haha I don't care a lot about my wording when I'm too excited. I just need to take note that people can misunderstand me. I have experienced the same before, even in my native language ^^" And yes! I'm happy I took a shot in many games I felt hesitated before! My favorites usually consist of "I will just try it regardless of what I think about the art style" games.

And, oh? My profile picture? *take a closer look because I have not paid attention to it for a while* It is certainly cute! (Duh, that's why I used it.) It does have that kind of style. I dunno who the artist is, but thank you, artist.

Hello. Thank you for taking some time to respond. First of all, I apologize if I have offended anyone. I never meant to criticize Ebon Light in any way. So, let me defend myself in return. English is not my first language, so I'm sorry in advance for the errors I may make ^^"

As you have said, I have my own preference on art style. It unlikely will change. BUT I didn't mean to dismiss the talent and effort the artist has put to the art! What I meant with "not that great" is my first impression, not the art itself. The moment I looked at the blog I thought, "Oh, it's in realistic style..." in slight disappointment, because I prefer anime style. I downloaded anyway, because I love to play new things (I'm not one with wealth, of course I love free things ^^"). Even if I have this anime style preference, I try to look beyond art and prioritize the plot. Prioritizing plots, in the past I have bought some games (when it's on sale, cuz I'm broke lol) whose art style I don't like. Final verdict: One of them is my all time favorite.

I understand everything you said, the art complements the atmosphere, the vibe the VN has, everything is with purpose. I agree. I wasn't thinking it's "only worth playing because it's free and (I) don't have anything to lose". Not at all. With Ebon Light, I was just so happy it's free when I was in need of entertainment. I was and I'm sure it's worth a lot more.

I like to play blind. So, with Ebon Light, I didn't read any of the comments, not even the synopsis. I only knew the art style. That was how blind I was. That might be why my past comment sounded so shallow, because I didn't know anything about the premise or the features it gives us. Sorry once again ^^" As for this time, I have tried playing Ebon Light a little bit. I can tell you I was invested. It was good so far. I haven't continued, because I don't have time. I will continue when I do.

😊😊😊 What a timing! I was just thinking, "I wonder how's ToW right now?" You write fast! ..imo. Good work :))

I hope you don't mind if I skip the beta and just play the whole game when it's finished. I've always been scared to move forward, but playing new games especially yours is one of my motivation to go on.

HNY and wish you for the best!

im so happy im gonna cri ;.;


I haven't even played the demo (and prolly never will -- I like surprises, I'm gonna play it SUPER blind ;;))) And furthermore, it's free x.x omg

Remember this, Dev, I'm gonna find a way to donate little money I have. I have my eyes on you!! O.O Well, right now, I don't have it... I'm sorry...

You devs are such amazing human beings i luv u

p.s. usually i care a lot about my writing but now i dont care thats how excited i am

I'm with you about "I thought I wouldn't like it"... Because my first impression on the art is not that great (I care a lot about art in a VN, and I'm not into realistic style), but this is FREE. What am I losing?? Thank you for the recommendation.

Sorry, I'm late, SweetChiel!

Good work with the job, but this is the holiday month, you can rest easy you know? Today is my last day in the semesterrr, tomorrow I'm going home :DD

Arya never had a pet??? WhY?? He sounds like he will like cats though... (Well I don't really know, I never play the demo HAHAHA). I can picture Guntur petting a German Shepherd, it will look... cute... Men with dogs are... HMM. And, OOF, so, Kahlil is the puppy himself. Alright. Bisa diatur, Kakak hehehe

P.S. Decorating a Christmas tree is never my family tradition. Mostly I just stay home and go to church when it's the time :D

Hahahahahaha Arya and his F-Bomb lol

It's a pity Indonesian language doesn't have that much expression, don't you think, SweetChiel? I won't know how to translate an F-Bomb when it's used as an emphasis like that. Not only the cuss words though, but all expression in general. Sometimes it's more fun writing in English :P

Growth spurt and hormone and peer pressure..? Maybe..? hahaha

Happy I can make someone laugh today :D Hope you are feeling better!

P.S. *whisper* I only found my men in 2D form or in Instagram so far ;;

My observations tell me that Indonesian people do not grow taller each generation. I keep seeing short and short and short people. WHERE IS MY 180CM (5'11") MAN?? #a-tall-men-lover (but obviously my observation is unscientific and therefore unreliable.)

SEACA?? That's so cool! Even if I'm not into any games they host, but still so cool! Focus on your job! Sometimes you do need more money to be happy.

"Or wait a year until he's complete and released for free ;)"


*whisper* Yes I know :DD

Congratz!! ;-; I check it almost every day in my free time, so I know the progress. It doesn't get to the third goal, but it's okay. I'm so happy for all of us!

Good work, SweetChiel ^^

I have no skill to design. I can't understand how you... draw something like that lol But the circles seem good!

Don't forget to get some rest! Even if you are a freelance, you must have a healthy schedule!

It sounds like an ambitious game, but really interesting! I officially will wait this game :D Thank you for the recommendation!

Suppose we say we do not reach the next goal, where will you allocate the excess funds? Is it to another game or still to TTOW?

£369 to the next goal stretch?? Oh nooo *grab wallet* I don't have money! 😢 Um, guys, anyone?

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I'm not a hardcore gamer either, SweetChiel XD My games consist of casuals, otoge, VN, and a bit of action like Assassin's Creed Series, but I still love games tho. I just don't have the resources (time, money, equipment, skill) for the hobby. Oh well.

Waiting for this game, dev! I don't know if you've told us or not, but when is your release target?

Hello, can I ask how long it will be in the full game?

Ahh... Dollar. I understand XD I must see it wrong.

First goal stretch? O.o I thought it has reached 8000 already? XD Well either way, so happy!

CONGRATULATIONS!! I was about to check the KickStarter but then I saw this *.* I'm truly truly truly happy for you, and for myself, and for other people who are supporting you. GJ!