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"Scum" because they support a charity? Or is it because you feel like you are entitled to more from a bundle that already offers so much that demanding more is like a childs temper tantrum?

Grow up.

Yeah I had to give up 2 runs because on the 2nd to last level I ran into impossible to escape scenarios. The first time was while exploring, a jump pad sent me to a impossible to escape platform where I could only suicide to get out. The second time was a puzzle involving directing lasers, (which somehow damage you no matter how far away you are, another bug), which generated a impossible to solve solution. What I mean by this is that the nodes you use to direct the lasers are destructible, and generated in such a way as to make solving it impossible making my run useless.
This is disappointing as I was enjoying my time with the game, and was looking forward to finishing it. I can't even look up a playthrough to see how it would have ended, as so little content exists for the game on youtube for example.