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Merci beaucoup !

J'en profite pour te remercier également pour tout le contenu de Qualitay que tu nous offres via ta chaîne youtube (que je suis avec attention). Bonne continuation sur Buissons :)

Très chouette  vidéo ! Merci d'avoir pris le temps de la faire et d'essayer notre jeu  :) 

uh ? Strange... Thanks, I never noticed. It's corrected :)

Hi, I have now specified the license in "More information".  It's not mandatory to mention my name but it is appreciated. 

Hi, I have now specified the license in "More information".  It's not mandatory to mention my name but it is appreciated. 

For the particles, it's not a asset of mine so it's not included in the package. 

Good luck with your game and don't hesitate to post a link or screenshot of your game in this comments section, I'd like to see it :) 

Thanks ! :)

Well ... We don't have any mac to try build a mac version unfortunately :s

Thank you very much :)

Thanks ! Too bad your video isn't working for me :'(

Merci pour ta vidéo. Dommage pour le dernier crystal, il est plutôt bien caché ;) 

Thank you very much :D

Sorry for that ! The game is a bit less than 100 Mo. It's about 20 sec to download for me but it depends on your internet's speed and the's server. Don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks when you've played the game ! :)

Thank you for your kind words :)

Thank you :)

Thanks !

Thank you for giving it a try ! :)


Hehe, I like flying too :) 

Thank you very much ! We'll chase this bug out if we can :)

We've just uploaded a new version with a cursor visible when you play with keyboard and mouse ! 

Thank you for your feedback ! :)

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Thank you very much for your long comment, it's very appreciated.

I'll try to get the team together to see if we could do a little patch with all the feedbacks we now have.

But as you know, it was for a training course that is now finished and everyone returned back home. I'll keep you updated because a little help for the english translation would be appreciated, haha ! 

We had a few more game mechanics too (coded and all) but we decided to cut these out because of time constraint (we had only a few weeks with all the learning aside).

PS: My personal record for the "speed-run" of our game is 01:50 ;)

Thank you ! :)

Thank you for testing our game ! :) 

Thank you ! It was our first little experience in game dev so this kind of comment is heartwarming :)

Thank you :)