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Interesting althoguhi i wasnt sure what im supposed to do. I think it lucks a bit of a tutorial. I realy liked the combination of colors(yellow lines on grey enviroment) though.

Doesnt work on my vr(oculus), i guess it maybe the fact that its done on runtime 0.8 and i already upgraded to 1.3

Couldnt run it on runs on desktop mode

Camera is moving too fast sometimes and its a killer for the gives motion sickness but overall good vibe with the graphics and spikey ball mechanic.

Puting the cubes in a good row to go up was a little bit weird

I liked the colors....i tried to do an fps also...

Nice one...did a music level on my game also(if you manage to pass the first level ofc :P)

Cool game :)

Graphically very interesting...i like the style but this idea of changing perception didnt help 

You need to go to the right and find the hidden platforms...:D