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youtube says that current video doesn't exist.

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Here it is: On Amazon or free PDF

Rare book which makes creative energy flow through you.

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Hi there,

We started this project on the game dev marathon and accidentally took the first place with it.

Clumsy Runners is probably a runner genre game where you need to alternate buttons to actually run. If you make a mistake - your character is falling over.

The game contains 10 procedurally generated levels, which you have to pass having only 1 life. At the end of each stage you can choose upgrades to make your character stronger.

The game is pretty hard. You will probably die a lot. But don't worry, if you made a mistake, you still save some scores to open 5 unique characters with different special abilities.

Clumsy Runners is also contains 4 different level environments which you might enjoy

The game demo with two levels is available here on Itch. The current development version is available on Steam Early Access

Sure. I would also recommend you to read Ray Bradbury's "Zen in the Art of Writing"

Very funny :)