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Oh. My. Gosh. This is the ccutest dating sim I've played maybe in forever. Thank you so much for this! The idea is really cool, reminds me of myself ^-^'

Great game! I played through it in two settings and was surprised about how nuanced the decisions you make here effect the dynamic between Mell and Issa. I got a bad ending at first and decided to maybe not be too harsh to Issa after the first day. The True Ending I saved for last, and oh boy: what a treat! The music, the art, the mood, I love it! Thanks for making this game, it was a lot of fun!

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My first visual novel and I'm just blown away. The characters are amazingly written and sooooo relatable, the world-building is very good, the music's always on point and the feels...oh my god, the FEELS!! 

I enjoyed every minute of it and became very attached to the characters over the course of my playthrough. It's also way funnier than I first expected, considering the heavy topics it deals with. I definitely recommend checking it out!

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PS. The queer representation is amazing! I actually started cheering when my favourite character came out as bi ^-^