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I'm looking forward to this it looks really interesting!

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1. I'm Palinus, from Sweden (GMT+1) Portfolio:

2. I want to participate doing Concept Art, Illustrations, Assets (2D or 3D can do Animation/Rigged ones too), Web Dev alll at good quality! (keep in mind 2 week time-frame tho) again see for samples

3. I'm looking for team contact me @ Palinus#4908 I love meeting new ppl who share interests, I also made a Team here mostly need SFX  & Music, rest is covered but any can join!

4. I'm fine with any theme as long as magical girls are involved, but i preffer something Emotional, something that gets edgy/dark overtime or is dark from the start whatever is fine, it can be either Surreal, Edgy, Happy, Colorful, Magical a Mystery.

5. Palinus#4908

6. Hard pick I love Crystar, Madoka, Flip Flappers, Magical Girl Project, Magical Girl Site and more, I grew up watching anime and playing anime games and Visual Novels, I love some good story that plays with my feelers, I wish to see more projects like this and be part of them!! Meet more people who share interests!

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Hey just like the rest who joined or plan to join I'm sure we all love the magical girl theme  ^w^, I figured even as many probably gonna make games alone there are some like me, who'd gladly work together with others and meet new friends, learn new things! so I decided to open this thread

probably smart for other ppl looking for collaboratores to share their teams here too
=) I made public Discord link for mine for now cause is down..

Join My Team here!
"Anyone is welcome, I'm participating as an Artist (both 2D/3D im very open), I know Unity & Game Maker 2, SFX, Music most wanted right now"

I also gladly join other projects! add my discord at Palinus#4908