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The "quiest in such a loud way" is a way I imagine space, the loneliness making noise in your head !

Thanks a lot !!

Thanks a lot ! Really appreciate it

"small extract of life", here's the link :

the first game I made, thanks for bitsy !

Hi !
For now, I never made any music for games but I've always wanted to participate in a game making project.
I want to work for free little games, for free. I love exploration, simulation, strategy and experimental games.
You can ask me to make a demo by explaining your concept and what ambiance/mood you want, if I think I can do what you want I will try and send you some demo to see if you like it or not.

It's a vague post because I don't really have something in mind, I'm open !

I'm french, 19, I started making music on my computer since 10, I began making listenable music at 15, student in art,  the games with the most hours on my steam are Terraria and Civ 5, and that's pretty much what you need to know about me !

Thanks for reading !

It's good to know that it's somewhere in your mind ! All the things planned 

I'm on Mac too and I'm really interested in the game. I reply just to let know that you're not alone !