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(spanish play-through) i had fun playing the game, i got stuck in chap 7 so i wasn't able to complete it but i still enjoyed the game. keep up the good work :D

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ghost of tomorrow (spanish play-through)

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cargué el archivo incorrecto lol voy a volver a publicar la publicación correcta, subí accidentalmente el archivo que no esta editado ^_^!

eyt! hah que chido! hey me gusto mucho tu demo, sigue el bueno trabajo amigo! voy a seguir tu pagina me gustaria ver tus futuros proyectos! 

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i had a lot of fun playing the demo :D very scary game, very good scary atmosphere. im going to follow page hopefully you expand on this project more or have more projects on the way! keep up the good work! :D (Spanish Play-Through) 

the puzzles are super hard haha, i didn't finish the game but i had fun playing :D here's my attempt (spanish Play-Through)

creepy game, i liked a lot :D ( Spanish Play-Through)

i had fun playing,the end had a good twist i liked it a lot! keep up the good work! (Spanish Play-Through)

ok, is it cool if i title amarok dreams (the dream theory)?

i had fun playing the game i tried my best on the hiding in room part. keep up the good work :D (Spanish Play-Through)

muchas gracias! :D

great game, i got a little confused but i tried my best (Spanish-Playthrough)

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this game is  amazing-weird-cool. i liked everything from the art style to dialogue. (Spanish Play-Through)

i had a lot of fun and scared time playing this game! :D the game look really nice and had a really good enviroment keep up the great work i hope to see a full on this! (Spanish Play-Through)

haha thank you!

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i had a lot of fun playing the demo!, i look forward to the full release keep up the good work amigo! (Spanish Play-Through)

i really like the mix game styles that are going on. i got a dead space with destiny style going on and it really cool. i had fun playing, i look forward and hope there is a finished project :D (Spanish Play-Through)

no problem i will install and let you know if anything happens

this game looks really amazing i enjoyed playing the game keep up the amazing work! :D (Spanish play-through)

i get an error that says "unknown genre" i can't play :(

hey i download your game but it gave me  error it said "dark basic pro enhancement expansion pack error 13" i can't play idk why

i knew we couldn't trust those fricking doors! haha great game btw i had  fun playing the game. keep up the good work! (spanish play-through)

great horror game!it was simple short and really creepy monster. (Spanish play-through)

i look forward to you next project amigo! keep up the good creepy work!

aesthetically looks very nice, but there wasn't much story to go by so i didnt quite get it ^_^! i do look forward to what you add on later on, its got lots of potential! keep up the goo work amigo! (Spanish play-through)

kinda of an interesting and disturbing experience,kinda wierd as frick, wish it was longer. keep up the great work! (spanish play-through)

plate guy scared me quite a bit, he was kinda cute on the pictures but not when he was chasing me lol. i had fun playing the game, i made a play-through (spanish playthrough)

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amazing game, it was quite the trip keep up the good work! i made a play through if anyone wants to check it out (spanish play-through)