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Nice game, it's both creepy and hilarious at the same time! :) 

I must confess that after a certain point I gave up and used the walkthrough because I could not open the chest - it's probably MY fault, because I did not pay attention to the Big Picture and to what was really going on. 

Note: the game does not work from Google Chrome (Version 105.0.5195.102 ) in Incognito Window ("Failed to read the localStorage property from Window: Access is denied to this document"). The game works correctly in Google Chrome normal window. And it DOES indeed work in Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox equivalents of Incognito Window (of course, playing in this mode is a bad idea because you will lose your progress when existing the browser).  

In fact I used the whistle because I tried the quarters and they did not work...

Nice game, but what are the quarters for? Red herring?

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Wow - what an unusual gameplay! Intriguing... 

(EDIT: how I hate level 3....)

I found 11/10 villagers too! Maybe the "real" ending is after you clear the dungeon where the other bug says Dracula kept his "pets"? But I cannot beat it, I keep dying...

Moral of the story: BUGS can be everywhere.

Even on... Argh! they're on my screen! Go away! Go away!   AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!! 

(Well done Argonauts... well done...) 

I dedided to give it another shot and this time I completed the game and luckily it did not crash. This time I skipped the boss, I'll try next time :)  

You're right, gold can be skipped... but then why it's in the game?  

Whodunnit... Who cares? The characters are lazy monsters, but often WE are those lazy monsters. Short but hilarious game! 

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My song goes round and round
Instead of stopping starts again
The music floats around
It starts all over at the end
Whirling, twirling, faster, faster, spinning, can't you see?
Maybe you will hear my song and come to rescue me...

(Congratulations, this short "game-which-is-not-exactly-a-game" is more creepy than many long and complex games...

A friend of mine was in a toxic relationship like this - many years ago. Luckily she dropped him and later found a better person)

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Short and simple, but still delightful! Thank you for this little gem. I'd like to have more games with these characters, and a larger part for the lovely squirrel!

Short but very funny! KUTGW. 

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Short but very, very good! I liked when the things turned scary...

This game made me think about my relationship with trains. I've always loved trains as a kid. Then I became a commuter, so now I tolerate them, but I still prefer them to cars. A couple of times I fell asleep and missed the stop - of course, when I had an important appointment at the correct stop, and this is scarier than spiders! Now I'm quarantined because of the coronavirus outbreak and - believe it or not -  I sometimes miss my trains, even with their dirt, delays and cancellations...

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Nice game (except the boss monster which is totally unfair: completely unexpected, you can't backtrack and if you die you cannot reload). The REAL problem is that the game CRASHED twice! It crashed while saving (once autosaving, once when I explicitly saved). A command prompt appeared but I could not type anything. Sorry I forgot to take a screenshot. I reloaded the page in the browser (I'm using Google Chrome 80.0.3987.132 on Windows 10), I loaded the last saved game, it worked but I lost ALL my inventory! To add insult to injury, the first time I reloaded I was "magically" placed in the cave level OUTSIDE the walls, without tools. I restarted from scratch, I was very near to the endgame, I had all the benches, all the gem tools, and... CRASH, again, lost everything. I gave up :( 

About the gameplay: I liked it, but the progression wood/stone/iron/gold/gem is too unnecessarily long and time-consuming. If I were you, I'd remove gold completely from the game and go straight from iron to gem, or maybe you could use gold for something else (after all, the idea that gold tools are better than iron tools is ludicrous EVEN for a game that has zombies and magic pockets).