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I just tried your solution. It works perfectly. They can move, change occupations and the movement is switched to "Walking". I'm sincerely grateful to you, Dartanis :)

I used the handcuffs when they were in jail. I must have the bug. I'd know for the future now. Thanks for your answers terminusz and Dartanis ! :)

First of all, thanks for this great mod, I've just discovered it and I find it exceptional! <3 <3 <3

However, I had a little question about the movement. I just captured a fairy to be a nurse and a dryad for forage. When I captured them, in the "wild" state,  one could fly and one could walk. Now both are crawling.

Example for Dryad:

I saw that it could be the size of the breasts (impossible for my dryad), a rules or a "restraints".

Where do you find these last two options? I wish she could go forage but I can't pick the option because she's crawling.
I'm sorry if the question has already been asked, I couldn't find anything in this long topic.

Thanks in advance !