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I live in a country where that kind of weather is non-existent so I can only imagine how horrifying it is for you... Wishing you the best/your house a speedy recovery!!

The amount of content you guys make for this game is crazy :D, it has come such a long way. Super excited!!

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Looks awesome so far :3. Always been a fan of Nikko's art style and it's so cool to see it in a setting like this.

Oooh nice! I wish you the best of luck (the more content for us the better ;3 )

Visually speaking these guys are a very good mix of Twink and Thicc/Beefy. Like twunks but beefier :3

How many episodes are you planning to release? 

*follows this game eagerly*

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I usually find, like, 9 out of 10 3D gay erotic artpieces off-putting (it gets "uncanny valley" to me) but these guys are HOT!

 *supports this VN*

Anyone translating into Korean yet? >3>

Perhaps a future patch where those cutscenes get added onto a separate list on the Main/Start Menu screen? (no Idea what it would be called)

omf(urry)g >3> this will be nice by the looks of it

Burry. I never considered furry/anthro St Bernards interesting until he (looks + writing) came along :3

This is seriously cool because I never thought of the idea of someone doing an Old-School dungeon crawler with lewd :3c

I mean just imagine the old M&Magic games like this >//>

Ooh, Danny Phantom! Forgot about that one!

And yeeeeees! I just love how there actually *is* a bara VN out there with a Johnny Bravo-looking char :3, your post re: childhood "crushes" on such chars is like reading my own mind LOL

Thanks for the reply! 

\^3^/ New update!

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Pleeeeeaaase add your other character Erik from your Twitter? Or, that werewolf char OSKAR from 2020 >3< *requests*

Edit: Some suggestions on new functions:

- ass play (fingering?)

- a "Vibrator Wand" toy (idek its real name, but  it's like a vibrating stick/toy for edging the Head/outside of the d*ck)


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Nice to hear  ^3^ I love the game so far!!

edit: I tried the Itch app. It worked for me (game opened in a separate "app" window, not a web browser window!).

Ok then. *fingers crossed that something pops up in the future*

Hmm, maybe draw them from behind with the tails to the side exposing the rest? The game already features wagging animations after all...

Btw general praise: I like your doggo designs the most of all Itch VN so far. I never considered breeds like Bernard or Bernese Mountain Dog good-looking until now :3c

I'mma ask in this thread since it IS about unlockables (Haven't progressed far, yet): Are there ass-specific CGs? I love all the characters from the front tbh (I love the way you draw faces!) but I want to see their behinds too >3>

I'm legit impressed! This reminds me of vintage flash games from early 2000s but 100x better since it's so Beefy/Bara! ^3^

Is it playable through the Itch app?

And, are there more guys planned? >//>

ikr, Jayce's the cutest!

YES. Especially the food details add to the immersion. Usually I hurry through VNs a bit, bt it's so fun to spot all the background stuff in this one. I can't wait to see the rest of the routes.

ILU so much for getting all the scandinavian/nordic stuff right!!! (small things like naming conventions, some of the attitude, how saunas differ between the countries) :3

I downloaded this randomly for free on here but I'll try to see if I can pay for it somehow (not Patreon?) because you deserve money for creating such an immersive VN.

The "vibe" and dialogue of this game was great. The artstyle is uncanny since it reminded me of a certain 2D TV channel (we all know which one) in an instant LOL. The cellphone feature was a novel thing for a VN (and also a bit irritating - but hey, this DID add to gameplay! More interesting than the usual minigames). 

This game is apparently old (didn't notice at first) so I assume there'll be no sequel, but great job nevertheless!

>3< *anticipates*

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Amazing/Great game judging from the demo  ^3^. The character designs are lovely ~. Will buy as soon as I set up a Steam acc.

Yes :3, this is the first furry VN that has made me LOL audibly. Some of Jayce's facial expressions and quirks (stuff like talking w/ food in his mouth) are hilarious to watch. The banter with John cracks me up too.

I agree with you, but on the other hand this game sends mixed messages with some of the dialogue and the main menu pic of the main character.

1) Jayce is über cute (understatement) AND the writing concerning his anxiety/social anxiety is spot on for being in visual novel form. Some of his reactions are super relatable in a way I haven't seen from other VNs portraying insecure/anxious... 

2) Looooove the humor.

3) Will there be NSFW endings/Gallery in the final version?

Are there any female characters in this game? #nostupidquestions

(from the images it looks like exclusively male/male compared to other College Setting VNs)

mega cute picture of Quinn :3. Happy easter and good luck with whatever thing you're going through IRL

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Nice. Thanks for the reply! (Loving the writing and artwork so far)

Will there be NSFW in this game? I just love the magical premise of the story and world-building but wanna know if it features sex or not

Ok then, good to know, thanks for the reply!

I'll either re-download it one here paying money OR buy it on Stean if Steam ever happens, becuase the artstyle and especially the writing (it reminds me of another famous gay VN, but furry version :3) is great! I don't do Patreon but I want to support VN creators since it's so rare a genre

Is a future Steam release confirmed? 

Will other payment options than Paypal become available in the future? I want to support this game for all your hard work (amazing 3D modelling, the faces look exquisite on the humans!) but I don't do paypal...

Ok. Thanks for the reply!

I assume this is a bug. Is my only option to start over? (have completed Hubert's affinity and "skill training" from minigames for Hubert/Gregor/Orderic)

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I second the idea about being able to replay the dialogue from the affinity scenes. They add to the sexiness! Could be a toggle on/off solution.

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I guess I'll have to buy him to show my support. This game is filled with so much good content already, I don't want it to end lol

Exactly! I saw that the original Kickstarter was held back in january 2019, so the creators have been working hard on this game (dialogue, sex scenes, VOICE ACTING, gameplay tweaks)... It has more content and distinct character design (super masculine and bara without looking like typical japanese bara) compared to other "porn games" out there and is well worth 32$, especially knowing that there will be more content in the coming months.