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I will not be updating this game further, it's my first project and I keep thinking of what feature I could add or how I could fine tune it, I will leave this as is and move on to other projects

Thanks a lot, the art was semi-inspired from Don't Starve, Highly appreciate the feedback.

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My current high score: 205

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My Antivirus hates your game

oh and going through the moving squares just starts a particle event and nothing else

Nice game dude, I recommend upping the spinners minimum speed though, and make sure that you've frozen the rotation of the player in the rigidbody

Really good, amazing artwork, great music, felt tense when playing, basically ticked all the right boxes

Preferred getting rickrolled by Half life 3

Thank you for that it brought tears to my eyes

I have been spooped

Thanks BlackThornProd

Great little game

I'm in Zambia

unable to download either