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Oooh, alright. Yeah, I never saw the walljumping mechanic. Could have been the lack of feedback, but sure, now I guess I needn't have waited for the enemies. The jetpack I did use, if only a few times, but since I didn't know about the wall jump, I might have judged this aspect a bit innacurately. Also, yeah, doing new things you have no experience with is big trouble, but I think learning new stuff is part of the Game  Jam spirit, so kudos for trying something different.

Thanks for taking time to respond!

Very interesting take on the theme. Hard to master, but also really fun. The presentation, visual and sound effects are really good. The level takes a bit of getting used to, but it has a lot of opportunity for the player to explore the mechanics. Also, let me say that your menus are probably around the best I've seen in this jam.

I think the money comes in at a slower pace than it should and the gnomes are a bit too fast. But maybe that's just me. And even if it's not, a little bit of balancing will solve that.

Congratulations! One of the most solid entries I've seen so far!

Err... well, how do I put this...?

The title screen is really beautiful. But the game doesn't match the art style it depicts. The gameplay was pretty straightforward to me, but the controls felt a bit clunky and the deflective pallet never really stuck to the angle I wanted it to. On the other hand, I've worked with projectile deflection games before, and I know how much of a pain it can be to set everything up sometimes. That, and I find the concept fits this Jam well.

The music was alright, but there were few visual and sound feedbacks (when I killed an enemy, it literally just disappeared). Maybe working on that game feel would be a good priority ? Good job for that title screen though - it was what drew me in to this page in the first place.

Interesting concept! The art is what drew me in and, aside from the flying enemies (which, on my opinion, don't match the art style of the rest of the assets that much), looks good, along with the animation. The gameplay is easy to understand, but the lack of sound (both music and SFX for things like the shop and the little ghosts that lift you) is a small letdown. Shame it's short, but making a 2D platformer is never easy, so...

The only part I actually disliked was the way the enemies spawn - since they already spawn chasing me, the game drifts between moments of waiting (because you need  the enemies to use them as platforms) and being sandwiched by 4 enemies at once (the goblin-thing always lands on my head, for example). I mean, since you can't die, it never really gets annoying, but it might if you make a full game with multiple levels. I'd suggest working on that.

Hard to understand, but I'm not sure if this was actually your intention lol. The music fit the game well, and in general it feels a bit absurd, almost like a WarioWare minigame (which I think is a good thing). The art was strange on some objects and I didn't understand what some of them were. The physics of picking things up, however, felt nice.

Maybe making the sprites a bit clearer to understand would help people understand what you can do with each object?

Simple, but fun! Though you should probably add an in-game tutorial screen, just so people can understand the game better and faster. In general, it has a good arcade-y feel to it and I personally like Jam games like this one. Good job!

Really liked the game feel on this one! The slow motion was well implemented, the controls are fun and that sound when you kill a slime is just so rewarding. I think the only shings you should add would be more sounds and visual feedback for when the slimes shoot at you and when the player gets hit.

Excellent work!

Very funny and interesting! The only thing I'd like about the sounds is maybe a different sound for each call? And maybe if my units came closer during the call, in a Pikmin-esque way? Also, the sprites and animations look really good. Congratulations!

Hmm, I don't quite understand how to progress... Also, is the development log supposed to appear if I press space? I couldn't tell if it was intentional or a bug.

Interesting, if a little hard to understand at first (especially what you have to do with the objects from the store). Some sound would be cool, particularly when you look at things. "Clicking" is a little tedious, but in this case it's kinda part of the game, so it's hard to come up with a solution for that. The concept fits the theme well though! Good job!

Also, the "hello" was a nice little touch, but I'm not sure if there are any more interactions. I kept trying, but that was the only one I found.

Liked how minimalistic this is. Not to mention silly. Maybe with more time, this could be a larger story... hopefully, one that's not necessarily about contaminating fountains lol. Took me a little bit to differentiate between the more generic icons and the ones that were actual places, so maybe a little work on that? It'd be funny to see this as a full mobile game.

Very interesting take on the theme! Using the walls to move around was interesting, but like a few other people said here, it would be great to have a more accurate measurement of how far "one step" is. I was't even aware  that you could move in 8 directions insted of 4 until I read the comments. That being said, I reeeally like what you've done with the sound and how it helps conveying how far you are from the objects.

Keep up the good work!

Interesting art style and music! Shame that it's a little bit too short, but considering this is a Game Jam, it's pretty understandable. Maybe in the future you could add more than one raft per level to make things a bit more challenging?

Anyways, congratulations!