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what genres/themes are in this game?

what fetishes are in this? do you touch on any darker themes?

Yep. A couple of times I had to roll back because mc said sister instead of friend.

The steam version doesn't lock in the disabled incest. Every time i load a save i have to enable and re disable incest or otherwise it reverts to the incest version.

What sort of fetishes can we experience in the game?

You found it and... Its abandoned. Damn.

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Bug in my steam copy: after the misson where you get the bones and return to your ship, when you talk to Lilly you say "hey sis". I am on the incest disabled version. I double checked.

Edit: it happened in the drink with her and thyia scene after as well but toggling the incest and reloading twice fixed it.
where should i post bugs in the future?

@Perverteer Bug in my steam copy: after the misson where you get the bones and return to your ship, when you talk to Lilly you say "hey sis". I am on the incest disabled version. I double checked.

Ok cheers! Looking forward to it.

Is it something outside your control, like a steam rule/regulation?

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does the game have actual nudity?
and where do I find Didnapper 1?

How long until the steam release. I wanna buy it and give you money but its been coming soon for ages now.  

Also want to clarify the steam one will have all content including the old patron exclusive stuff?

oh thats all good, dont apoligise. your games are amazing.

Which bondco games currently have a version with nudity? Im willing to pay.

Wait whos the guy? Ive seen him before?

What are the anime you watch with Jessica.  Becasue i havent seen it(them?). I dont know how to answer jessicas question. What wierd thing are they eating? could you include the anime names maybe slightly different like you do for everything else?

Its speaking slang. It doesnt need to follow normal text convention. You can tell me you never heard someone speak like that dawg?

I know. That's why I said cameo. I just saw him in another game and he's such a fun cameo character. Prefect for a stan lee style character cameo.

you reckon we could get a stabby mike cameo at some point, unless there already is, im not quite up to date yet.

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Was thinking "this is a good game, writing is good, girls are good and i wanna keep exploring the mysteries. just like cardibis games."  Then stabby mike turns up. had to do a double take. whats up with that?

Is stabby mike becoming the stan lee of mystery porn games?

Wait im confused, isnt stabby mike from a different game? I swear i played something similar but different recently with him in it. Is he like the easter egg bro of mystery harem porn games?

thats fair keep up the good work. i played part one and its good but i think the nexus is a great idea and would love some more darker stories.

Is this game dead? whens the next chapter? if you have a couple ready to go id be willing to put some money down

so the mc is futa? futa is necessar or skipable?

Will there be any darker content like non consent or blackmail?

can you make a version where she isnt your sister or lets say step sister?

cool ill give it a go

What genres are there/will there be? Is there noncon stuff?

I cant seem to successfully unpack this sort of file? Why wont the default windows extractor recognise this?

I know some people like olivias nipples but you do realise they are the same size as her nose right?

There is big and then there is *big.

does anyone know of a similar game like this but with "real" superheroes, played a few years back but now i cant find it.

Harem hotel and lucky paradox are pretty similar I also highly rate deviant anomalies which is close.

Im only getting sound in the main menu, is this a bug or did i do something wrong?

is this game dead?

I love this game man, you have done a great job. Writing is great and it has really cool characters.

Gotts ask though, as im nearing the end of chapter 4, "im" starting to get anxious by how often the character says he's exhausted and needs a break. Like is there a secret meter and eventually hes gonna have a mental break down? Do i need to start skipping the odd period?

Got it on my steam wishlist, but wanted to double check the patreon exclusive stuff will that be in the steam version?

Damn the character look good, but im gonna go out on a limb here and say this is an "incest" game?

Not sure about chiaki, but that chick reading in the park, shes hot. hope there is more with her.

I dont mind leaving chiaki unludeable as well and would purchase on steam once the game is released.
Love the game so far though, your art is amazing.