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will there eventually be an option to play through without becoming a futa?

what themes does this story go into? Are there corruption, degradation or humiliation options?

I guess its probably a longshot, but i dont supose this game has an incest free version as well?

Hey. I think i have a bug in the standard edition. i have just started chapter five and the whole conversation with lilly is making the implication that shes my sister. I definitely switched the mode as it says standard at the top.

I couldnt find the incest patch to delete if that means anything.

also it possible to make the incest thing an option at the start so its easier to disable, the game currently auto switches back to taboo every-time i quit. I understand im not a pataron but im seriously considering becoming a supporter, the games pretty much amazing otherwise.


oh brilliant. do you have a patreon?

where is part 1

I really like what i see. IS it possible to add an option so that the character was a female in their past life. not into gender swap myself. but love the rest of the game.

can you skip the incest?

including erotic/bad endings...?

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the mega download never finishes ive waited over two hours twice and freezes right at the end of the download, I will not pay for this service!

Have you got anywhere else to download it from. If i like it i will join your patreon

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That's fair. I meant I'd pay more BTW. if you found an artist similar to the one for Female secret agent id happily pay 2-3x more and im sure many others would as well. that blank space on the right in full screen mode looks like it was made to host character portraits :)

sorts doing the same. got any recommendations from this sorta genre?

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic Pictures?
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is there any plans to add pictures to the game? 

i hope so. i feel like it would be a lot more fun to play if it did and you could see how your changes effect your character and id certainly pay more for it if it did.