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Damn the character look good, but im gonna go out on a limb here and say this is an "incest" game?

Not sure about chiaki, but that chick reading in the park, shes hot. hope there is more with her.

I dont mind leaving chiaki unludeable as well and would purchase on steam once the game is released.
Love the game so far though, your art is amazing.

sweet love that you added an easy option to turn it off, thanks!

why would i do that when I know there is a perfectly good version of this game that chnages the text to make it not incest still giving me access to all(mostly) of the relationships.

keen to show some support and purchase the steam version when it come out.

Just wanted to clarify though it is either the incest free version or it is possible to disable the incest?

I dont seem to have anything to do accept training> i Got the job but cant seem to work?

You should add your patreon link to the top of the main page. I enjoyed that demo.

man I don't remember, that was a year ago

ok cool, keep up the good work.

oh sweet, you wont do a steam release? maybe ill have to do a donation. will this game go on forever?

Hey I really enjoyed your game its come a long way since i played it a couple years ago. Really cool story and some characters that are better written than they have any right to be. Really didnt expect Maria to be my favourite.

Small bug for me was that Nias supplies in the store dont click correctly, like the you click the blank space to the side.

Im not the biggest fan of Anal, is it necessary to win cromwells challenge with lin? I got 12 points so I tied with the winner. Id just click through the scenes if i knew id be penalised for skipping them. I also hope the milking will get a better Image though.

I will certainly purchase the game when it is completed and I look forward to seeing where the story goes next. You are doing a great job.

ok thanks, never seen that happen on itch before.

It tells me the latest version(14.1) was uploaded on july 2018. Is that a bug or is there somewhere else to go for more recent updates?

ok sweet its a good game and look forward to more, hope we will at least get boobs one day though.


ok cool. I must have gotten very un/lucky as she was a virgin and lost it on the second dare.

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when do you plan on adding music and sound effects? also I think it would be worth adding some sort of lab background for the transformation scenes. some illusion to how it works could be nice.

The soccer team dares should have more build up. you lose one you have to run you lose the second you get raped? Should have more tease etc lost clothes - humiliation - sexual favors - then...

I reckon I will purchase this on release though, lots of potential, on I presume steam one day?

I'll try it, but mouse clicking didn't work last night either.

I cant move on the map view, on the first screen with the blue gem, after the combat tutorial, no buttons do anything?

I got the solar and the midnight end but not much Ero content. is it really well hidden, Is there anything explicit?

that's an interesting way of doing things

Itch is about experiment, there is alot out there and purchase upfront is a risk. the best option for all on here is release the last update free or have purchase exclusives cause you want people to try the game. Not gonna try a game for $30.

Is this an incest game, or is it avoidable?

what sort of impact do the oral questions with stukov have? are the deciding future content or how she resonds to said content. or does it do nothing?


does/will this game have any darker themes? non-consent etc?

I think it would be great if you could list your primary and secondary kinks so people can make an informed decison about whether to downlaod and try the game.

Bug? in the car when MIa is talking to Ryan the mention that v is her brother rather than friend. I assume you have a sepperate version where that is the case but i certainly prefer the stryline where she or him were an addopted sibbling or something like the best friend you currently use.

where did this game come from? the production value is amazing.

could you make an optional dialogue change, where shes not his daughter? maybe just daughters friend?

what fetishes does/will this game have?

just roll back and do it again

im playing 0.11.1 RN and the english needs a bit of work. have you found someone to help with your translations?

I dont understand the combat? Like what button am i suppose to press

Im the same as you fortunatly you dont even have to avoid, there is a version where its disabled

thats what i mean, an option, not a perminant change for everyone.

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I know that, im not asking them to change the game for everyone.

I Want toknow if, at some point in the future, options to toggle certain fetishes will be added.  I like some of the fetishes but not all and it can be hard to find games with all the fetishes you want. user choice always increases player base and more players equals more money for development.

Im not trying to take away the things that you like.

Edit: i tried to fix the formatting, for some reason the text box refused to let me fix it.

Great update! When is kelly "from the tv" gonna join the school, she has great potential for a plotline

yeah bro worked this out shortly after I asked. was playing stoned and redid the battle with domia about 30 times  before i clicked for the patern. not sure how i feel about battles being trial and error but its definitly better than no skill. look forward to the next update.

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Just found this game and really enjoying it, so far. gonna play till current end but considering your patreon. have to say the thing i like the least so far is the combat. As far as I can tell its luck based. unless im missing something I hope the game develops some skill based combat elements.

edit:wait. do they all have a patern?

edit 2: what do i do with an excepton error?