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Yeah you have to shinespark at just the right angle to get there. A lot of people have trouble with it. Thanks for playing!

Thank you, I'm still trying to figure this whole itch thing out. ;-) 

Oh and it always helps when the music kicks and the art is gorgeous. What is that guy, a T-Rex-headed wizard? Freaking genius.

Yes, yes, more of this please. I would really love to see this implemented as a full game. Firstly, hats off for even just finishing a fully-functioning jrpg-style battle during a 48-hour jam, because that's just phenomenally impressive. But beyond that, you're also doing something different with the format, in a way that's iterative and playful and you know, maybe a little bit feels like it's in dialogue with the genre, kinda? You know, the thing art does.

Really, I hope that you take this concept and expand it into a full game that's built around it, where you explore the possible problem-solving spaces based on it. Oh, and since it's an RPG, a rich story crafted around it is obviously mandatory. ;-D

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Very pretty game with lovely, soothing sounds and music. I enjoy the presentation and it feels quite good in my hands. I'm not sure where you're going with the narrative but I am very curious to find out as I would love to see this expanded into a story-important game. Mechanically, I loved how relaxing it was in the opening levels, and kinda wanted that to continue for a while longer before the challenge ramps up. I agree that level 4 is a bit harsh but I did finally beat it...  after a few dozen tries. ;-) Bravo!

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Very nice presentation with the cards, and the artwork is just perfect for this type of game. A nice feature to add as a quality-of-life thing would be if, when you pick up a card, the squares on which you're allowed to play it were to be highlighted. Took me several turns to figure out what was going on but when I did I started to see the strategy, and there is a real risk/reward thing going on with intentionally creating tougher enemies for yourself. It also fits the theme well with not knowing where your character is going to move next. Bravo, well done!

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I like the concept and it is pretty to look at with a very attractive UI, however I'm just not totally sure what I'm supposed to be trying to do. Somehow I passed the first level with no plants at all which was pretty neat. I feel like this has a lot of potential and I'd love to see where you can take this idea with more variables to control, maybe different types of plants too. I couldn't get past the second level so it's possible you've already done some of this that I just didn't see. Bravo! Very impressive this was made in 48 hours

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Simple premise with a really solid execution. It would be nice to see the ship get repaired once you bring the tool back instead of just instantly starting the next level, just like it would be nice to see a different sprite when you get hit, but those are probably things you just didn't have the time for. The art is fantastic and it feels good to play. Bravo!

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I love the music, and the visuals are pretty great; I especially like the background art. It is a little hard to tell what's going on, to the point where I wasn't always sure whether or not I was in control. Which is the point of the prompt, so well done!

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This is really fun! I immediately wanted more levels when it was over. I think this mechanic is one that could easily be expanded into a full game, and it feels like you are hinting that there is a story to tell here as well, so that's awesome. And I didn't notice until my second playthrough that the gun isn't just a sound; you can actually shoot the prisoner! Presumably you would eventually turn the gun into a dual-purpose item with a nice juicy risk/reward component which would be cool. I think the game suffers just a bit from the lack of music, but that's par for the course for a 48-hour jam I think. Overall, this is an amazing premise and a very nice execution. Great work!

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Nice implementation of the theme! I love the art and it feels good to control which is the most important aspect. I would have loved to see more variety in the different vehicles, and it would make a huge different to have sound and music, but I'm sure that would have been very difficult to add within the time constraints. You should be very proud of this.

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So charming, I love it! The mouth sounds are great, the dog's tail animation is fantastic, and I really like the Doom-style overlay with the dog's current state. It's wholly enjoyably frustrating, which is the core of good game design. I like how the controls are randomized in a different way every time; it really made each playthrough feel unique. Also, VERY on-theme!

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It does feel a just a bit unforgiving, particularly at the start of the second level where it's hard not to immediately aggro and get swamped by multiple fast-moving enemies. Nice presentation though! Lots of weapon variety and solid sound and enemy design. It's very impressive this was made in 48 hours and you should definitely keep working on it! I'd love to see more of a gradual ramp up in difficulty if you expand this into a full game. Cheers!

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Love the concept! It's really fun trying to control an out of control hose! I love the character, especially the nervous vocalisations! Great job, you should be really proud of this. Hard to believe it was made in 48 hours.

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While there's not a whole lot going on here, what's there is quite polished. The characters are very cute and the animations look great! It would have benefited from a wider sound palette, as the gun noises are a little grating after a while. Music would alleviate this a lot I think, but for something that was made in 48 hours you should be very proud.

Very nice! Great animations, good music, and an intriguing mechanic that feels quite fresh and original.  I really like how you retain a little bit of control even while the character is breaking down; it allows for some interesting risk/reward behavior. I think your range is even greater with the helmet than with the guy if I'm not mistaken and sometimes I ended up using that advantage to hit enemies through walls. Not totally sure if that's intentional or not, but I definitely think you should take that idea and develop it even further. I'd love to see where else you go with this concept. Great work!

Definitely fits the theme! I feel like this would really benefit from music and sound effects, but it's still pretty fun to play with. Hope you keep working on it!

Great presentation and lots of polish. I appreciated having the moves and piece relationships displayed on screen during the game. Very nice job!

Definitely fits the theme! I feel like it would really benefit from some music, and as others have said the gameplay loop is probably too long for how little variety there is in the content. Still it's a novel idea with a lot of potential; you should run with it!

Wonderful and original concept, lovely art and music. It would be nice to have some kind of meter or something in GUI to show you how you are doing. Nice work!

Great concept. Loads of potential. Needs some rad sfx and tunes to go along with it though. Great job!

Love the concept! I kept thinking it would be nice to get a little more feedback in terms of am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing, but then I remembered that that's exactly what it feels like to work in an office. So it's basically perfect, is what I'm saying. Cheers!

Very original concept! Picking things up seems a little inconsistent, but it could just be me. Lots of potential here, would love to see where else you can go with this idea.

The charm in this is off the charts! I really hope you expand this into a larger game. As others have said, it's pretty frustrating but that's kinda the point, isn't it? I absolutely adore the SFX and music, and the shock collar is an interesting mechanic that has a ton of potential. Great work!

You can rate our game too, if you like ;-)

Very nifty concept, and the characters are all very cute, especially the scientist with those blurry lil' legs when he runs. It was a little tricky to pick up at first but the tutorial does a good job explaining the mechanics. I do wonder if it might be a good idea to start off without the crushers just at the very beginning so you have a chance to move around a bit? Maybe go through touching a few terminals before the crushers start so you can get used to switching back and forth between the characters before the danger kicks in. Still, really nice game, and quite well-polished for a jam game!

We made one too and would love your feedback if you have the time. Cheers!

Wow, what a cool game! Hard to believe this was made in 48 hours.