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Wow! Thanks for the response, I will be purchasing this soon then. Afterwards I'll probably give you feedback if you guys want it (oh and if its not to much to ask, can you make a browser demo we can play so we can get a sense of how it feels? I'm sure it will sell better if people can try it out before paying to see how it works)

Hi there, I'm thinking about purchasing this but I was wondering what level of experince you would reccomend it for. I have a pretty good understanding of 2D construct but 3D is a new realm for me, thanks in advance and be expecting 20 USD (minus tax of course) arriving your way soon!

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This game is epic, I helped Bob fail his driving test and miss so many road signals he was fined into -$10, then I left a greedy child crying since I couldnt afford a teddy bear, then I destroyed his love life by not preparing anything for his girlfreind at the airport and finally I beat up a man giving him a heart attack in a dark alley on my way home as he tried to rob me (someone who already has less than 0 money) and I am now actively being looked for by the police according to KPOP news. This game was a great time and I highly reccomend. Edit: I forgot to mention I saw somebodys bike get stolen and proceed to help and teach the thief in exchange of them giving me an antenna just so I could watch TV

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Sorry about that, apparently i wrote my info incorrectly 🤦🏾‍♂️ my laptop also coincedently broke aswell.  Heres the correct details: and Monotunes#9820 (sorry about what happend earlier) edit: Just realised im having autcorrect issues, I just sent an email and I reread it and notice some random errors, so sorry about that

Sent you an email and if you have discord my tag is Monotunes#9820

Can't wait to test this out!

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Ok I have to ask, do you do commisions because this is so freakin cool. Im 100% getting this pack to its goal. Thanks for making this I hope you contact me soon :)

This game is really cool! Even though the core game loop is repetitive it still is fun and I enjoyed my time playing it.

Is this able to be used commercially?

Ok, can't wait for the post jam version. By the way if you need any play testers so your difficulty is balanced I'm free to test it out. (oh and I understand the rushing thing, its a common occurence in game jams and its fine)

Awesome game! As someone who is extremely paranoid of sounds at night this game had me on the edge of my seat (literally) and I have enjoyed this alot. My only problem is I cant seem to win because sounds happen to often which leads me to turn on the light and lose all of my sleep progress with a single right click. If you want to balance this I suggest making the space between sounds longer and making the sleep counter not erradicate as soon as your light is on.

Hey! I was wondering if you do commisions? Just so you know all I would ask for is some more dinos and a couple hats. Reply if your interested.

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Beautiful assets, they have inspired me to make a game based on one of my favourite mechanics from an old game I used to play on my 2DS but anyway. I was wondering if you do commisions for art. All I want is nothing to big just a handul of assets in the artstyle of this bird. My discord is (The green giant#9820) if you want to speak about it over there and my email is Hope to be in contact with you soon! Good luck with your assets! (oh and can I edit the birds, use them in a commercial project and potentially use one as my profile picture?)

This game is great, I really hope you expand on it at some point. (btw can you optimise the world generation to be more fair because I was having a really good run then the pacific ocean spawned in)

Great game and the only bad thing i have to say is that the first song nearly made me think I was about to play dora the platformer

Hey man i've been looking at your wasteland art and i honestly think its pretty cool! Are you doing commisions by any chance? I would love to work with you if thats alright. Reply if you want to talk about it on discord or email. See you soon!

Ok this game has amazing potential I can already see the endless puzzles designs from such a simple mechanic, well done!

Oh wow thanks! Have a great day!

Sounds like my discord pings

But your name is literally life go on forever

Well this isnt a fps but i guess its a good first shot at a platformer

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Hey Siactro, your games are awesome and have inspired me to make my own games in the style of the n64. I do have to ask though, how do you achieve the graphics? (I've seen a ton of ps1 videos but I'm not sure how to get it looking like the n64)  I'm not sure if you will even reply to this but if you do thanks and good luck with your gamedev journey!

Ok this games idea is super cool and its inspired me to make my own game about blood (please dont take thar out of context). As a joke though I did the tutorial as a pacifist just using the mop to clean and the diaglouge and comedy was really funny so props to whoever did that

Thanks :)

Oh thanks! On my way to but it now!

I really wanted to get this but theres not pay with card :(                                              Im pretty sure in the page were you set up a project/asset you can just select the option but I understand if its not that simple. Maybe another time i'll find something like this

Cool game! But I just lost at day 40 and now im starting to hate the number... luckily the music and visuals are calming!

Wow thanks for all this!

Hello, has anybody got sources for making 3d games in godot and does the engine support visual scripting? I'm coming from construct 3 so that's all I'm good at.

Im going to pretend im fourth

Thanks for playing! Be sure to rate!

Thanks for the constructive criticism! Scores will be sure to reset after a match and the AI, player and ball won't be able to get stuck behind goals and in corners. Match is supposed to make the AI shoot every 1 second and shoot every 0.5 seconds but I've noticed there's a delta time glitch that happens during recording so the game slows down a ton and I'll work on that. Thanks for playing my game and reviewing it like IGN!

Thanks for enjoying the game! After the jam I will be able to fix this issue so in the full game most of the bugs will be gone (and I hope to see you there!)

Thanks for the feedback! Is it ok if you can say the specifics that need fixing? And the game will be expanded after the jam so be prepared for that!

Thanks for the feedback! I suggest you play league mode if it gets too easy.

Thanks for the feedback! In the final game there will be different footballers to play as with their own stats!

I used to battle my cousins on a battle arena/box they had, good times

Hey, im not sure if this is just me but your browser controls don't work. The game looks really fun in the gifs though!

Thanks for playing! Remember to rate!