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Hey :) Majority of the items you've brought to my attention have now been fixed :)

Again, thanks for your suggestions!

New browser build available:

This looks pretty cool. Gives me a "budget cuts" vibe.

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A newly crowned King, an old threat and a tower guarded by monsters, traps, magic and more! Travel to Necore Tower where the sacred artifact the Necoria is stored safely away at the tower's spire by the goddess Abigail.

Face the truth of existence, upgrade your gear and scale the tower's floors in an attempt to save the realm! Necore Tower is a small Action RPG created for my final University project, and is set in the realm of Necore before the events of the main series game “Necore: The Thunder King “.

A Dark Fantasy ARPG, based on the stories from the Necore Series (still in development) with a prominent, yet underlying theme of existential nihilism.

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Thank you very much for playing :) I'll definitely fix up that bug with the quest. It was running smoothly in engine and when I tested on my desktop but there's only so much I can test by myself haha, I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention :D

The ores can be seen in the character sheet in the pause menu, I'll be adding them to the HUD and store pages in a coming update :)
I will certainly look into fixing that audio issue asap as well :)

The level progression is sort of saved (last floor you were on can be teleported to), and the farming is intended as the boss fights are quite hard (as intended) :)

Interesting concept! Great work!

Nicely done guys!