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Loved it. Specially when you reached 1200+, a lot of beautiful disaster (and the game ran smoothly even in those moments!) Great stuff.

Thank you so much for the announce! Didn't expect it!  joined. :) thanks again for real!

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Thanks bro, can't say yet if it'll be confirmed for a mobile version but we're really discussing that in the office! thank you

Lmao thank you (((:

Hey cool! thank you! hopefully your youtube channel won't get deleted as well lol 

Glad you enjoyed it bro! btw it turned one year  old yesterday hahaha .

Yeaaah! Thank you for such nice feedback! and exactly, I was wondering the same, it felt really weird with these guys uploading deleted videos... glad to see a real person.

Hey, that's a great suggestion! Thank you for the feedback and really glad you liked it. 

Thank you! Nice skills. 


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Ok I've read about it and it seems to be an architecture incompatibility, Please try 32 bits or 64 bits version depending of your OS, I believe yours is 64 (x86_64) bits. Try it out! 

Cool! but I can't see the video.

Thank you so much! I'll look into it in the week. 

Thanks? hahaha

Thank you!

Extract it with Winrar or Winzip, and click the .exe! (Assuming you're using Windows)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you could master a little bit the game at the end. I'm glad you liked it! Great video

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Heya man, what distribution are you using? If you give me your contact perhaps I could try make it work with you. 

Thank you! <3

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It happens with new .exes as well,  the antivirus start scanning andd stuff, but it shouldn't have any virus at all! I just exported it, zip it and shipped haha

Was this made with Unity as well? just curious!

Thank you Pony! VeryEvilTomato is indeed a great artist.

Thank you so much Casevse!

Probably will do then! and Thank you! indeed the game has some good reception, people actually liked this game! we're going to probably work on more deeply in this project once we finish another one. Code red even got a honored mention right here:

(Wish they could have recorded something more interesting and updated but heck! still being great.)

Also got featured in Newgrounds, Kongregate and we got top 83 out of 1600+ entries of the game jam.

Please try now, IF isn't working, well, I don't know what could be happening, guess I could left the previous version online while I try another solution. I haven't Mac so that's why it's a BETA. I didn't know you were using OSX lol!

oH! I think I know why, I uploaded that as a .rar, must be .zip, let me try that.

Thank you! you too!

Are you the guy from Hug me I'm cold? yes you are hahaha! Loved your game. even I got kinda depressed lol

Update implemented!

Code red .exe 4.0:

More smoothly movement in-aire since I reduced the gravity, instant wall climbing without delays and weirds glitchy things, so now it should be just fine.

Thanks for staying tuned with the game!

Indeed, wall climbing should be more polished with the hotfix I'm going to implement today!

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Oh, I didn't know about that game! but it seems to be an awesome game. we just thought 'hey, let's make the bad guy the protagonist!' and the ideas came from that decisition hahaha. we first thought that the main character should be an Zombie but then the idea itself didn't convice us for us so we thought 'Hey, why not a badass monster from an experiment lab?' and that quite liked us!

Edit: LadyBug it's PRETTY similar haahaha wow! even the blood lols. what a coincidence!

Edit 2: Your artstyle is pretty beatiful Makorie, any chances to make a portrait of me? :P hahaha

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Wow! Thank you so much for such kind and great review!

there are web versions, but not here haha, I Like to only get my .exes here in I'm more like a .exe guy.

Take a look at these links:

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This is pretty cool! you should record it! and also I have to update this build. between today and tomorrow I'll implement some hotfixes.

2 hours or 2 minutes? 0:

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(The problem was an conflict with the profile rights, just right click -> execute as administrator.)

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Heya man, how did you triggered this error? Can you please send me and email explainning your error? is my email

sure! This is my email:

Made it in Construct2 and PyxelEdit for the graphics bro!

Thank you so much! we're not sure at the momment bro! but we are so flattered by all the good reception! Maybe soon, we're developing other proyect right now!