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My save file seems to have lots of problems on the Trald 2nd Gym Hangout event (Mouse King & all the hallway branches) with various failing to load scenes and dead ends (missing screens not bad ends). But otherwise game looks so much better now than before! Are CV Arena work events still Patreon exclusive? Might have to consider becoming one.

Keep up the good work!

Ok, thank you very much still and keep it up!

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic Sub options

Is there an option to be a sub in this game, or some sort of danger that could lead to a game over? I've played for over 3 hours (mainly down the m/m route) and while I love the system overall I'm more on the submissive end of the spectrum  and so would love to know if such options were available on certain paths or upgrades.

I loved this, but I wish there were more scenes with Fabius, especially if we lost to him. I understand there is no further plan on adding to this game, but one can dream!