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Thank you! ^_^

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Hehe, thank you for asking! The answer is yes, Gary the dalmatian will make his debut along the path to Pharyna Ruins. ^_^

I'm still figuring out how to get that done, thanks for asking! :)

That would be Irma, her relationship with Charos would be completely platonic because Charos is gay. There won't be a route where Charos suddenly became bisexual or straight haha. :P

At the moment Duke (the panther) is dateable and does have its own route, yes. For Rubio (the saber tooth) there is a possibility floating around, it can happen given enough reviews and funding to proceed with several other routes (They are not the only two dateable characters!).

Thanks for asking ^_^

Thank you!! :)

Thank you so much!! Hearing that from you I will review the Chapter One to revise some writing styles regarding these moments (and into the future!) to bring more feelings into it.

Escaping from the miserable world is one thing, indeed. I'm not sure what you meant by "it", I'll safely assume it is the world that MC used to be from. If that is the case, then it is due to MC's experience he endured. I actually improved Chapter One just a day ago based on Phamyne's feedback- we'll get to see more depth with his trauma and how bad memories can haunt you into the future. I could explain more but it would spoil one of the major arcs in this VN!

In that range of 16 years with Guardian, I expect the readers to assume that he might have a reason (Lying? Grooming MC? Ulterior motive?). For you to say that, this reassures me that it is working as I wanted! I'm glad.  This is also one of the major arcs in this VN. We will learn as the story goes on. ^_^

Majority of the backgrounds are actually done by me, I admit that I know it is sub-par. I wanted Gabe to focus on the sprites and illustrations. He did some backgrounds that I was unable to draw haha! That would explain the differences between his art style to mine. At some point when there is free time, Gabe will be able to upgrade the backgrounds (Ones that I drew). We can expect this will get better in the future.

Link to our Patreon can be found by clicking on my username, but I see what you meant- I should have post that link directly on the front page.

I really appreciate your feedback soooo much!! :D

Haha wonderful! Yes I do, it feels great. FA sounds good to me, I've just followed ya there! @CVillacho on Twitter is a good place to check since I post updates there more often. :)

Wow. Your feedback is incredibly useful, I appreciate that very much!!

I agree that signing is a difficult challenge to describe in a novel, so I'm working with a group to discover and invent a method to attempt. One day, we hope to make it happen!

Parts of Eric's trauma- I certainly have a plan for it. Eric (Charos in this case) will have flashbacks that describes the trauma further and much deeper. I believe you (and other readers) will learn more as chapters go by. However, I'm going to take a look at Chapter One and see if I could sneak some details in to give it a little more fuller feeling.

For that specific scene where he get disoriented about gaining speech and hearing- you're correct on that. I'm going to improve on this and sell it stronger! :)

I can see that you have so much to say, perhaps we could take this to somewhere (Telegram perhaps?) and have a productive discussion! Really though, I'm so happy to have this constructive feedback. Thank youu ^_^

I enjoy listening to these tracks. I love that wonderful feelings. I would like to give you a credit for using the track in my game (Not published yet). Is it okay to use "Music by MakotoHiramatsu"?

Haha. To be fair, Teak is not going to trust so easily- with patience and time as the story flows. There will be a point where you win his trust (or respect) and he won't be a dick any longer. :)

It says "Next Update" on the most recent development log above, 3.0.0 is only available for patreons right now.

I have mixture of emotions about that- playing as Hiroyuki I feel special regarding the attention placed on myself... But, being in Juuichi's shoes, it bring up a lot of painful memories- I mean, knowing "I got cheated on" that kind of stuff, it is painful. I'm fully aware that you're re-writing the VN- I'm only left with one question: are we (the readers) going to go through that kind of cheating heartache? I mean, props to the people who are fan of cheating, but yeah...

I cackled when I saw the reference- "YOUKEA". I lost it right at the moment. Man, I really am enjoying this!

D'oh I actually sleep like that too many times, anyone who wants to sleep with me sure won't be pleased haha

D'oh! Count me in, this kind of tutorial for the mechanics used would be awesome!

I enjoyed the first demo! Keep going, I really liked the choices and backstory behind it. The only constructive criticism I had is the font, I'll admit it took me few minutes to adjust and started reading right away.

Such lovely visual novel, I want to read more! I look forward to your progress. <3

OML RELATABLE!! I was just thinking of the same thing but you got that down first! <3

Ooh! I was thinking as if it would be a easter egg situation. Heheh awesome

I just noticed the gator looking character all alone on the island by himself. There was a dialogue where my protag is surprised that he's all over there and seems to be enjoying by himself. Is this just a tease or something that I'm supposed to do, get something and go over to that island?

Did you REALLY have to post this CG? Thanks a lot -_-

A must-read kinetic visual novel!! I mean, sure I enjoy having choices but this... This is a story I felt like I don't need to make choices, mainly because this plot is just beautiful and I can feel the climax coming up. Also, great taste of music to go along with the story. ^_^

xD I can confirm this reaction <3

I'm now taking that advice to my heart... ;_;

O-oh... I'll refrain from giving my answer out!

I-I just noticed the nostalgic reference to Morenatsu... Awww I'm so enjoying this!!

*screaming as I mark this down on my personal calender*

Totally excited for the upcoming build!

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To my surprise, the error message does not happen anywhere but just located at Ravensfolk. The version I'm playing is Windows (PC). ^_^

Awesome thanks, I'll go to that. No worries, anything I can do to help!

Yup! I used the brown pillars in Ravensfolk and that's when the error message appear few seconds after. It happens all the time yeah, but I have not done it outside of Ravensfolk yet. I'm going to try using hook in other maps and let you know the update tomorrow. :)

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Ah! I'm in the part where I need to look for the rainbow bird to the east. I was just exploring the Ravensfolk by using the hook- haven't went to the mountains yet. I wonder if this error message would happen if I attempt this hook anywhere other than being at Ravensfolk?

Baby Jesus... xDDD

Love all the customizations!!

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Hi KDM! I've been encountering this error message after using the hook rope to jump across the chasms. It happens every few seconds after using the hook rope, I'm unable to progress any further if I keep using the hook rope. ;_; (Currently in Ravensfolk town)

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A-ah... The buildings in Elm Village wouldn't let me in. I could see the sign on building that implies to be an inn, but I couldn't get inside. Other than that, I didn't see the lady. >_<

Update: *coughs* This is embarrassing. To access the doors I'm supposed to hit enter button... I made it in. My apologies.

That's rather odd, I couldn't find him anywhere. I rescued and healed the doggy, bumped into him at Elm village, and I can't go into Fara Mountains because I need to do "something". So I saw this comment, I decided to go back to the cave with first save. He isn't at the cave. I'm pretty stumped and I don't know what I'm missing.

Perhaps we would have choice in determining that we the readers would like to choose being dominant or submissive...? Hehe... I like that.

Ooooh I like likey. This is great!

Great visual novel with a lot of potential in the future! Each character has their own quirks and I love them. I'm already happy with what I see out of this... More than excited to see updates!

I certainly enjoyed playing as I read the story. So much potential. The characters involved are attractive and mysterious! Looking forward to more out of this. :D