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Thanks for checking in! I have another update in the works, I'm shooting to have that out before end of the month. I know it's been a long time coming. Currently we're wrapping up a new version of the game and completing the epilogue sequence for the campaign.
I'll have more news soon with the next update!

Hey, James!
I actually just finished up a new version of Puzzle Depot, the latest build includes endgame and epilogue content. We're definitely closing in, I have some backer content to finish up but the list grows shorter!
I know it's been a long while and I appreciate you checking in. I'd like to put together another Kickstarter update before much longer, I think we're about due for it. I'll be sure to update the page when that happens!

Thank you so much for playing the demo!
It's always fun to see someone's first reactions and thought process going through the puzzles. That's something we're really looking forward to when we release the full game.

It definitely will be emerging from its demo status once it's done pupating! :]

Testing has been going very well and we've made some pretty big steps recently. There's a new devlog up (mirrored from our latest KS update) with some fresh gifs to scope out in the meantime, while we continue pushing forward.

Thanks for checking in with us!

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We're behind where we said we'd be, but, progress is still being made. I have a big update in this works, including things like getting this page up to date, our Steam page set up, etc.

I'm sorry if I've let you down with delays, but I'm glad you're still interested in Puzzle Depot and I'll do my best to make it up to you.

Thanks for reaching out!

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Hey keser-one, sorry it's been a while! I actually just made a quick KS update to check in:

Thanks for keeping an eye on Puzzle Depot, I know it's been a long wait. I'm confident that it will be worth it!

Kickstarter Update #46: Progress Report

Things are really coming along! This update features our new Options menu, controller support, and improvements to the World Editor!

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Kickstarter Update #45 is up!

Sorry that I missed a couple updates! This is a good one, though...

We are pleased to announce that Shovel Knight's own master schemer, Tinker Knight, will be appearing in Puzzle Depot as a playable character, courtesy of Yacht Club Games! We're really excited for this opportunity!

And if you haven't checked out Shovel Knight yet... you really should :]

Kickstarter Update #42 is up!

The Circuit Update

This one is all about the changes that "circuit objects" have undergone, such as buttons, plates, and doors. Things are far more versatile than they used to be!

Just wanted to say thank you everyone who has played and commented, we appreciate your support!

Also, there is a new update on our Kickstarter page, in which I go into detail about the puzzle design process. If you're into that kind of thing, check it out!